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I’m a 1st-generation Navy pilot. I probably felt like I was part of the Navy growing up, even as a child … I’m one of the Navy brats. I have a different perspective on

I knew pretty early on what it was I wanted to do with life. Growing up in Plainview, Hale county (Tx); one of my earliest memories was of playing with little toy planes in backyard. My dad is a mechanic, my mommy is a quiet houswife, involved in cultural, religious and social activities. Still, my family never pressured doesn't join. They knew I was passionate about the Military but decided after high school that attending college would be my next step. I attended Texas Tech, majored in political science and history and graduated with honors.

The beauty of naval aviation is that you never know where on the map it is going to take you.

Actually I'm very happy as teacher and I'm part of people who dream of living a simpler life, for example sitting by a lake and enjoying nature or something like that.
That's it :-)

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