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Werewolves Of Hillfar

Trevon Stith

Werewolves Of Hillfar

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11 Gennaio 2020
Trevon Stith
"The curse"
Hillfar may seem like an ordinary place to live. To an outsider, Hillfar may be an escape for them. Unfortunately, this isolated town is cursed. In the early 1600s, 400 years ago in this very town, a witch lurked within the woods. The people of Hillfar would find dead animals and symbols all over the woods. Children would unknowingly walk into her sinister and never return home. It was until finally the society had enough and they ordered a team to search for her. It took them some time, but it came to be someone of the town, Wyihnhilda Delacroix. In the year of 1676, February 14th the council ordered her to death. They beat her till her face was unrecognized. They stripped her naked in front of the entire town and cut her fingers off. In front of men, women and children. The people of Hillfar cheered for her punishment as they walked her onto the platform to be hanged. They tied her hands together as another man tied the rope around her neck. She was bloody and naked. The blade man then sliced her breast off and stabbed her in the vagina, in front of all the people. Mysteriously she was still alive after all the blood she shed. Before they finally hung her after brutally embarrassing her. She smiled at the people of Hillfar and gave a message. " people of Hillfar listen to me carefully. I have cursed this town for its wrongness. If You people think the high council care for your well-being? Then you’re wrong I say, wrong. But fear me not today or tomorrow but soon in the future, do fear my curse. For it is a mark of a new beast, the were man. My sisters of the covenant!!! We have summoned a curse for all Ha-ha-ha-". As she laughs with her dark eyes, they cut the rope and hung her immediately. Then the sky turned into a shadow of the morning and covered the town with rain for six days. Over time the town recovered from this and the dead witch was burned to ashes. The high council separated her ashes into five symbolic boxes and buried them each in different locations. No one knew where, until now.

(Chapter One) Episode One. Pt.1

"A New Breed"

Present day, year 2020. The smell of dead decaying bodies hover young Welldum as he sits beside his parents’ gravestones. It is a foggy night and there’s a mist that covers the whole town. He lays two sets of flowers on each grave, mourning. “Mom, dad. I wish you were both still here,” says Welldum. He reminisces about the cancer that robbed their lives. “If only you could be here to see this cursed town. Hillfar has become divided now, and I believe there is no hope”. The town is opposite of ordinary. It is full of dark lurching creatures in which for many years, the werewolves have been a part of Welldum’s life. “I’m just happy that you weren’t killed or cursed by this dark force. I mean for God’s sake, we have two mayors. One for the werewolves and one for the humans. What has this town come to? Why can’t we just get the rest of the world involved and come and kill these fucking werewolves?” Welldum despises the way the government had handled the werewolf outbreak 100 years ago. But it’s very simple. A man living a normal life with his wife and kids can be stripped away with just one symbol. He or she could just wake up one morning with the cursed mark scarred on them. Anyone. Anytime. Or any day can become this beast. Welldum suddenly hears something in the distance. “What the hell?” he says. The sound is of heavy footsteps quickly coming towards him. He tries to figure out where its coming from and who it is, but the fog is too thick. *whoosh whoosh* The footsteps drag. “I’m warning you! If you’re a werewolf you’re not supposed to be out here in these parts.” And suddenly, the footsteps come to a halt. “Where is Whynhilda?” Says the unknown whisper. The sound of the voice startles Welldum and he starts to run. He sprints around and between many gravestones screaming as if he knew something was after him. A musty stench begins to follow his trails. The farther he gets the stronger the stench reeks, as if he was getting closer to who or what he was running from. “Somebody help me!!” yelled Welldum. He starts to sweat rapidly, and his heart beats faster and louder. Unfortunately, if there is a werewolf after him just as he suspects then his heartbeat can be heard from miles away. *Roar!!*. The beast growled from behind him, the sound so loud it echoed. *Roar! * Then another growl, but to the left of him. * Roar!!! * And an even louder one in front of him. It seemed as if Welldum was surrounded. He stops immediately, panting and gasping for breath. Then the footsteps creep up on him again. “what do you want from me?” asked Welldum. At this point, running was useless. He knows tonight he may die. Then suddenly out of the fog a figure appeared. The creature was enormous. The giant, hairy, werewolf pounced out of the mist. It pounced at Welldum on all fours and its red lacerated eyes stared into his as it charged him. The werewolf’s fur was coal black. It unveiled its rusty dirk like teeth at him and it's growl sounded like a loud motorcycle engine. Welldum stood, paralyzed in shock. The werewolf latches its teeth onto Welldum’s arm and yanks him down to the ground.
“Ahhh, please let go of me, please don’t kill me!!”
Welldum screams at the top of his lungs. Then two other werewolves come to join, and they start eating his legs. The first werewolf then completely rips off his arm. “Ahhhhhhhhgggghh!!” screamed Welldum as blood gushes out of his mouth. His right armless shoulder squirts out blood like a broken fire hydrant. Both of his legs are being ripped to shreds as well. This is a feast to these beasts. Welldum feels light headed and begins to black out. Death is near. Then when all hope was ceased, a light of the town arrived. “Hey, pick on somebody your own size you rotten cannibals!”. Demanded the unknown person from a far. “Freddie, why can’t you ever stick with the fucking script”. “Oh, fuck off Garf”. Freddie replied. Garf Jones and Freddie Chester are the two Somber tooth pack leaders. Garf, the alpha and Freddie the beta. They are stage one and two shifters. Their look is more human like as appose to the three werewolves that attacked Welldum. The tattoos they have make them look intimidating and even more intimating in transformation form. Garf is a little shorter then Freddie but much wiser. Garf is African American and Freddie is Italian and European. They both know how to ride motorcycles and kill bad werewolves. The bad werewolves sense the two of them and ditch their feast to find them. Welldum is left there, bloody with flesh hanging out of him. The bigger werewolf which is the alpha sniffs out Garf. It then signals the other two to go after Freddie. These werewolves knew to split up, because Garf and Freddie split up.
They are leading them away from Welldum, while Garfs two pack members sneak to rescue him, Ethan and Radcliffe. " holy shit, this guy is fucked". Said Ethan". "Well no shit, sherlock". Replied Radcliffe.
"Now hurry, do the shifting so we can get this dude to safety ".
"Why I got to strap him onto my back for?"
Asked Ethan.
"Because your stage three is more stable than mine. Now stop being a bitch and let’s go before they come back".
Ethan was marked with the curse just 4 years ago, he was only 11 years old. On the other hand, Radcliffe was marked before his birth fifteen years ago. He has always been a werewolf. Ethan’s transformation resembles that of an actual wolf, but bigger and stronger. Therefore, he will be able to carry Welldum to safety, like a soldier going back to pick up dead bodies. Ethan tightens his fist and closes his eyes. The symbol on his forehead glows bright orange. His skin splits revealing dark gray hair while his upper and lower jaw breaks then elongates. His spine breaks as it reconstructs and stretches. His arms and legs mutate into the legs of a wolf and there he was. Ethan was fully shifted into a werewolf.
"All right im hitching him onto your back. Once im done, head to Bridget". Said Radcliffe.
" Yeah yeah, i know the plan ". Radcliffe lifts bloody Welldum and hitches him onto Ethan back.
"Ok he's on, I’ll catch up with Garf and Freddie".
"Cool, be careful Rad".
" You too Ethan". Ethan takes off like lightning and Radcliffe heads towards the center of Hillfar woods. The location in which they planned to meet before they arrived. Meanwhile, in the woods Garf has led the unknown werewolf to the center woods. He hides within the trees awaiting to do a sneak attack. Garf is posted behind a tree holding a huge gun full of mercury bullets in his hand. It was the length of his forearm. He usually has to carry it attached to his back.

The gun was called the smoke revolver because every time he shot it, the smoke from within the gun would cover his body. The gun was engraved with symbolic carvings created by Garf himself. About Fifteen feet, just up ahead, the alpha has come into sight. It growls and tries to sniff out Garf.
"Come out from the trees foolish alpha." Said the male alpha werewolf. His voice was raspy and deep.
" You show yourself as an Alpha, but you fear another?"
"Reveal yourself puny wolf man".
" I can smell your sweat from within your pores and i can hear the very essence of your controlled heartbeat".
Garf peaks around the tree to get a glance at the beast standing there. Its back was turned towards him. Garf then begins to wonder what type of werewolf is he and where did he come from? The werewolf pensively turns his head as if he heard Garf move. Garf quickly ducks back behind the tree then he loads his smoke Volver with the mercury.
Simultaneously, on the other side of the woods Freddie is also being hunted, but by the Beta. It all makes sense. Alpha against alpha and beta against beta. Freddie has found himself at the top of a tree, with the enemy right beneath him. Unlike Garf, Freddie is more daring in this type of situation.
"Hey, fuck head".
Said Freddie, trying to interrogate the werewolf. He got his attention. The beta snapped his head up so quick it freaked Freddie out.

"Oh shit...". Freddie said.
"You one ugly mother fucka".
"Roooaar!!" Growled the beast.
The beta then jumps onto the tree trunk and climbs up to Freddie. Freddie then takes out his two guns from his waste. They hold mercury bullets too but can shoot faster and can release more rounds. The guns are both half the size of Graf’s smoke Volver. He then aims and starts shooting downward at the oncoming beta. Out of the ten shots fired, the beta evades seven shots. Freddie manages to hit him in the arm, shoulder and neck. He was trying to aim at his head. The gunshots were heard by Garf and the bad alpha wolf. Freddie then retreats and jumps down from the tree. When he lands, the beta lands right after him. Freddie then runs and heads toward the center woods as planned.

Meanwhile, Ethan is sprinting to get Welldum to Bridget at Somber headquarters. His long, thick hairs are just enough to keep Welldum warm. Ethan can also hear a small heartbeat, so he knows he's still alive, but knows the clock is ticking. Shortly after passing a bridge, he dashes his way into a dark cave. With the speed like a jet breaking the wind, he reaches the entrance to the Somber tooth headquarters. The entrance was a hand crafted, cage like elevator, with bones from animals tangled around each wooden bar. Ethan jumps into the elevator.
"Hey!! I’m coming up we got a dying human to
save!!! ". Yelled Ethan to the Somber tooth team.
Then he suddenly starts to rise, quickly.
"Hold on buddy, don’t you die on me"
said Ethan to Welldum. Luckily his hair can fuse into Welldums open wounds and help reduce bleeding like a healing wrapper. This helps him not to bleed out.
At the same time, back in the woods Radcliffe is looking for Garf and Freddie. Garf told Radcliffe before the mission that
"once the human boy is secured, you and Ethan must quickly go back to headquarters ".
But he didn't listen. In fact, Radcliffe never related that information to Ethan. So, here he is trying to sniff out Garf and Freddie. But unfortunately, the strong stench from the other pack is blocking him from doing so.
Then out of nowhere something growls behind his head. Radcliffe quickly takes out his sword and swings behind him. But there was nothing there. Radcliffe then looks around thinking he’s crazy.
"Huh?" He wondered.
Then unexpectedly in the blink of an eye *swoosh* Radcliffe was swept off his feet by the third beast. His sword falls onto the ground. The werewolf was jumping from tree to tree with him, heading somewhere else.

Garf already there waiting for Freddie, is still trying to figure out if he should shoot the Alpha. It’s too risky. So, he stays behind the tree. This is the first time he has ever seen these massive werewolves. Garf is usually in control of the situation, but this is different. He decides for the first time ever to talk to the Alpha through his mind. Only true Alphas can do this. He closes his eyes and begins a mind shift.
"Who are you?" Asked Garf. "Get out of my head, you puny were man".
"I just want to understand what it is you want from Hillfar. This is my town". Said Garf.
"We want the power that belongs to us. A belonging that built our very existence." Replied the other Alpha. Garf has no idea what he's talking about. He sounds like someone from medieval times.
"Ok, if you can tell me what it is. maybe I can help.".
" you fool, her name is wyhn-."
Right as he was about to give Garf the answer he was looking for, Freddie plunged out of nowhere right in front of the Alpha and stops. Garf then comes out and starts blasting at the Alpha to make sure it doesn't kill Freddie.
"Freddie get over here!!".
" I didn't sign up for this shit", replied Freddie.
The second werewolf that was chasing Freddie then bursts out of nowhere. They both are now being chased by the Alpha and Beta. They both shoot their guns at them while running at the same time.
Yes, Garf and Freddie are faster than them.
"Garf, we gotta lead them to the hole now!" Advised Freddie.
"That’s the plan Freddie."
The plan is to lead them into a trap of leaves. If they step on them, they will fall into a deep dark hole. When they fall in, the long sharp blades will Pearce through their body. It will be impossible for them to escape because as they hit the bottom, the blades get thicker. The trap is just up ahead under the tree. Garf and Freddie side by side, with two gigantic werewolves’ inches from grabbing their heads, are focused. They must jump and grab the branch above the trap just in time. Just 10 more steps.
Demanded Garf.
they both jumped and grabbed the branch. On the other hand, the other Alpha and Beta went right into the trap.
*shing! Shing! *
The blades go right through them as they fall into the dark pit.

Garf and Freddie just killed an Alpha and a Beta. They both sit on the branch exhausted. Freddie takes out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He puts one between his teeth. He lights it and inhales.

"So ummm, should we wait and make sure their dead?" Asked Freddie
Garf looks down into the pit and stares with uncertainty.
"Once they shift into human form, blow the heads off and take out the hearts."
"Hold Garf, Look at them".
Garf looks closely at the two dead werewolves. Their bodies are starting to disintegrate. The hairs burn off and then the flesh melts like acid. Even the heart, except the bones.
"What the fuck just happened?" Freddie asked.
"Even their hearts are fucking gone. We can’t do shit with just the bones. Garf what are we going to do now?".
Garf looks at Freddie. Freddie looks at Garf.
"We gotta get back to Headquarters". Said Garf
"We may have just encountered our biggest threat".
Meanwhile, back at Somber tooth headquarters.
Welldum is on a soft pallet being catered to by Bridget. She is the head Doctor of the Somber tooth pack and at the moment she is troubled. His legs were stitched up and the gash from where his arm was ripped off was all wrapped up. but she knew he was infected.
"Ethan, where are the others?" She asked.
"They should be back soon i swear. Just give them a little bit more time ". Replied Ethan.

" we should send the rest of the pack out there to make sure their ok".
"No, you heard what Garf said. If they're not back at midnight send help. Give them fifteen more minutes".
Bridget sits back down near Welldum and feels his pulse.
"He is stable, but we need to keep an eye on him. Kira. Fiona. Watch him while I’m gone".
She gets up quickly and throws on her Somber jacket. The patch on the shoulder of the jacket reads, Alpha Queen. Meaning, Garf is her husband. Ethan steps in her way.
"Hey hey hey, i know he's your husband but those new werewolves out there were gigantic. Please don't go out there ".
Said Ethan.
Bridget is scared for Garf. She doesn't understand why it's taking them so long to get back. This makes her fierce.
"Move out of my way or I'll have you in the chambers for months, with no food or water!!!" She yelled.
Everyone in the Headquarters including the nurses and the rest of the pack, became silent.
Then out of the blue, there was a sound near the entrance *vroom vroom* it was two motorcycles.
"We are coming up" said Garf.
Ethan, Bridget and two other pack members ran to the entrance. Once they made it to the top, Bridget gave Garf a huge hug and kissed him.
"What in the hell happened out there?" Asked Bridget.
"Honey, everything is fine. We had a few complications, but we handled it". Replied Garf.
Ethan walks over to Freddie.
"Where’s Radcliffe?"
"What do you mean? He's supposed to be here with you".
Ethan starts to panic.
"no this isn’t good. He was going to help you guys out. That was the plan".
Garf walks over to Freddie and Ethan.
" What’s wrong guys, and where’s Radcliffe?" He asked.
"The little guy still out there. See I fucken knew we should have left his ass here." Said Freddie.
"Hold on. You mean to tell me Radcliffe is still in the woods?"
Asked Garf to Ethan. Ethan sits down in the chair next to him. He starts to breathe uncontrollably. He has asthma, so he takes out his inhaler.
Garf puts his hand on his shoulder and tries to calm him down. He looks around and sees the pack watching what’s going on.
" Ok I need all of you to leave this area." Freddie starts to walk away.
" Freddie not you, get the fuck back here ".
"Yo my job is done here. If you want to baby sit a fifteen-year-old werewolf, cool. Go right ahead. But this is on you".
Said Freddie.
"You know what I’m really sick and tired of hearing your bullshit. You got a problem just say it".
Garf replied.
"Okay". Freddie then walks right up into Garf’s face. "Your a shitty leader".
Bridget takes over to make sure Ethan Keeps calm.
Garf and Freddie must handle this on their own.
This is nothing new. They argue, often.
"Okay Freddie your right. I fucked up".
"hm, you got that right" replied Freddie as he puts a cigarette in his mouth.
" but I had to do what I had to do". Said Garf.
" An you’re my guy. You’re the guy I trust to put up with my shit".
Freddie blows smoke out of his mouth and smirks.
"Alright, damnit. You lucky I love you like a bro". Said Freddie.
"I’ll go find the little fucker."
Freddie throws on his jacket and grabs his keys.
" you two come with me" he demanded.
Then two pack members followed him to the exit.
Garf watches him leave.
" Be careful Freddie".
"Oh, fuck off Garf"
Replied Freddie in a brotherly way.
Garf sits to the right of Ethan. While Bridget is to the left of Ethan.

"Look buddy this isn’t your fault. Radcliffe didn’t follow my directions". Said Garf.
"I need you to go get some rest. Take a few days off until we can figure out some things".
Ethan quickly stands up and faces them.
"That is my best friend out there. I’m not taking any breaks.
"I’m the Alpha. Do what I say, or I will recruit somebody else". Said Garf.
Ethan steps back and thinks before he says anything else.
"Go to your bunker and get some sleep". Garf reiterated.
"Yes sir". Replied Ethan. He then walks away. He didn't want to, but he had to. He exits the entrance room.
" I fucked up". Said Garf.
"Garf? This isn’t your fault". Replied Bridget.
"I got his best friend killed".
"No, you didn't. He chose to wonder off on his own and Ethan was just misinformed. That’s all". " besides, we saved another human tonight and maybe just maybe we found the breed that’s causing the children to go missing".
Bridget walks Garf over to the room where Welldum was resting.
She opens the door.
"It was a struggle to stitch him up, but luckily Ethan helped heal some of his wounds".
Garf walks over to the bed. Kira and Fiona then leave.
" They almost tore this boy apart. I mean his life is over". Said Garf
" he’s going to live". Said Bridget
"Yeah, I know, but he’s not human anymore. In fact, we have no idea what type of werewolf he will become. I don’t know his name, age or likes. How am I going to explain this to him when he wakes?"
Bridget walks over to Garf and sits on his lap.

She wraps her arm around him faces him.
"We have been through this many times before. You can’t dwell on saving everyone. You do your absolute best to save people. And to be honest it scares me. But I know you do it because you care and I love you for that.”
Garf looks her in the eyes and smiles. Then he realizes something important.
"Baby, I figured it out".
"What?" Replied Bridget. She was secretly hoping he would say i love you. But Garf makes work his priority.
" We can use him to figure out the new breeds weaknesses". He said.
"Wait, are you saying, keep him here to run test?"
" No, I mean maybe?"
Bridget gets up off Garf’s lap and sighs.
"Are you seriously trying to piss me off on purpose or are you stupid". She asked with concern.
"I mean shit, I try so hard to comfort you but you just keep trying the law". Then Garf raises his voice.
"Bridget there is a new breed out there and we have no idea what they want, where they come from or how to kill them".
"Take the hearts out". She suggested
" sorry but it disintegrates once they die."
Garf replied.
Bridget stays silent for a moment. She looks at Welldum.
"So, we have to test him?"
"Yes, it’s the only way. I promise tomorrow Freddie and I will relate the news. We will tell both mayors about the new breed". Garf replied softly.
Bridget looks back at Welldum.
"When he wakes. I want to talk to him first. Goodnight".
Demanded Bridget. Then She exits.

Garf sits there alone with injured Welldum. The mission was a failure in his eyes. He looks at Welldum with discomfort, knowing he was sitting next to potential evil. So, he moves away from him. His phone then buzzes in his pocket. He takes it out. It was Freddie. Garf answers it.
"We found something". Freddie replied.
"Ok good bring him back so we-".
"No Garf, we found his sword but he’s not holding it.
Garf slowly stands up.
"Freddie Keep looking"
"We searched everywhere. His scent is gone. Don’t fucking do this to yourself Garf. He is dead!"
"I said keep looking" demanded Garf still in denial.
"Stop it Garf. Except that the mission is over we are coming back". Freddie hangs up.
Garf takes the phone away from his ear. He shifts his hand only, into wolf form, then crushes the phone. He then throws it against the wall.
He knows now that the mission was a failure and the boy next to him, may be the only hope to figuring out this new breed of werewolves.
Radcliffe was like a son to Garf. He taught him everything he knows about shifting. Now he regrets recruiting him. A tear falls down his brown cheeks. Then we quickly wiped them away. No one will ever see him cry. That’s a rule noted to himself. He gets up and heads to the bunker where his wife is. He takes off his clothes, crawls into bed and wraps his arms around her.
"Baby, I love you". He says to her
"I love you too baby."
He kisses her neck then she turns and kisses him on the lips.
"Baby I want to apologize for-".
"Shhh, just shut up and fuck me"
When Garf is stressed, Bridget makes loves to him to ease his mind. She realizes that talking has little effect.

He grabbed her by the waste and pulled her close. “you feel so warm” he said. He grabs her breast and caresses them. She moans. He then kisses them, then sucks them. one and then the other. She moans again. "Mm" he then spreads her legs and gazes his eyes between them. He goes down as she puts her hands on his head. "Oooh god ". She said as he puts his tongue on her. He licks even more. She gave a little gasp. “Baby I can’t wait any more. I want you inside of me” she begged. Then she whispered.
“Please, or I’ll make you suffer.” He takes off his underwear and slowly works his way up to her, by kissing her stomach. Up he goes. He knows she can’t handle the teasing. “oh, baby please put it in me". He takes his finger and rubs her down there. It’s warm, soaking wet. "Do you hear that baby?" He asked. “Oooh yes, it feels so good". She starts to tremble as the hair on her body sticks up. Her eyes then suddenly change from blue to yellow. Her werewolf wild side has hit her. She grabs Garf arm and flips him over. Now she is mounted on top. "I told you to put it in". She said.
"My queen take my soul from me". He responded.
she grabs him and slowly guides him inside her. "Ooooooh" she moans. "Ahhh yes baby". Said Garf. its half way in and she jerks as if Garf hits her spot. "Ride me baby". Begged Garf. She then slams it all the way inside of her " aaahhh fuck yes". They both gasped. She then puts her hands on his abs and rides him. Her hips move so fluid like a belly dancer. She grits her teeth and bites her lip as she closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling. Garf grabs her breast while she grinds fluently and slowly. She shakes it side to side then she bounces her butt up and down on him. " yes, yes, don’t stop baby, slow it down, ooh fuck. Faster, faster." Garf grabs her butt and pulls her down harder, keeping it deep inside. He squeezed her thickness. She screams as Garf plunges her deeper and harder. She then tightens her insides and grips him. Garf gasped in pleasure. "Ooh god baby I’m bout to cum". Said Bridget. She starts to uncontrollably quiver causing her to grip even tighter. The muscles in her butt begin to twitch obsessively. Garf screams in pleasure as she unruly grips him so tightly down there. "Ooh- oh - Ooooooh my god baby!!". She screamed in pleasure as she orgasm, followed Garf as he came inside of her. They were both sweating as she slowly grinds on him. The sheets were soaked in the same way a wet washcloth would be. “Wow baby I will never miss this" she said. She continues to grind slowly.
"You take away my pain, Alpha queen". She does one last jerk then she gently takes him out of her. She kisses him and rolls over to the right of him.

They were both out of breath and soaking in sweat.
" Why do you never cease to surprise me? ". Said Bridget with a huge smile on her face.
"Because, you married a black alpha".
"Oh, shut up, ha-ha. You should be lucky my love never gets loose". She laughed.
"No baby i just love you for being by my side and tonight hasn’t been so good, ya know?".
"Yeah, I know. Let’s get some sleep and worry about the trouble tomorrow. Or…do you want round two?" She asked while rubbing him down there.
"Shit, sleep can wait ".
Said Garf. So, they made love once again. Then another. Then another. Back to back seven times nonstop for three hours, until they finally went to sleep. The sheets were drenched in sweat and other fluids. A Werewolves body temperature during sex is at 180°F. There stamina is beyond normal. In fact, they could have gone six more rounds if they wanted to.
But sound asleep they chose.
Four hours go by and the sun has risen over Hillfar. It is now 8am and Welldum has still not awaken. Bridget is sitting right beside him. Ethan is in his bunker getting ready for the day and does not know Radcliffe is dead. Freddie didn't come back to headquarters, because he decided to go to a bar and get drunk. Now he is currently in a jail cell, waiting for bail. Garf is in the Somber tooth Layer giving orders to over 60 members.
" Ok listen up. All of you must report to me if any Red lights appear. I want to know where, when and who buzzed you in. All of you take nothing but green light, yellow light, blue light and orange light cases. I don’t care if it’s a werewolf involved with an animal robbery, take it. I don’t care if it’s a dream shifter, a spirit shifter or a cock shifter.
"Wait, what?" Said the group of somber.
"Ok maybe not the last one. But anything not RED, Take it. Also, Do not forget, we need as many of you searching for the missing children of Hillfar. So far we have nothing. So get to work".
"Sir yes sir".

(Chapter 2) Episode One. Pt.2

. When Welldum Wakes

The Somber tooth Layer is a busy place at headquarters. The Somber tooth team are like military werewolves. Every time a light clicks on, it means a bad werewolf or werewolves have been detected and a team must go stop them. All over the town, in each neighborhood, street, house, building and of course graveyard, a parallel light is triggered. A human’s average body temperature is somewhere between 96°.9 F to 100.4 F. Although, of course it does not stay the same all the time. But a werewolf normal temperature is always 110 in their human form. But if an uncontrolled werewolf shift into any stage, then their temperature will shoot up to 250°F. These lights were created by the werewolf technology force to detect this specific body temperature. It’s like a heat seeker or a heat radar. This is how the three new breeds were detected at the graveyard, the lights.
Imagine there is a full moon. A werewolf breaks into a human’s home. The werewolf tries to eat them. This is more so a werewolf over the age of eighteen and must have recently been cursed. Most of the time, if the werewolf gets cursed at the ages of fifteen and under, he or she will have time to learn stages of shifting. Because by the time they hit eighteen they will have full control. Yet, uncontrollable werewolves must die because all they will do is eat humans. On the other hand, controlled werewolves don’t have a taste for humans.
They want animals. They are more human like in the mind as well as their physical shift. But they break laws too. Laws like, stealing from drug houses, packs starting wars with other packs and Freddie getting into a fight with the bar gang leader. In fact, the werewolf police can handle those small cases themselves. The Somber Tooth pack handles the gory side.

It is now 8:25 in the morning and Bridget is still by Welldums side in the clinic room. Ethan is in the Layer having a meeting with Garf in his Alpha office.
"We found his sword but not him. Which means he could still be alive".
Said Garf to Ethan.
"Well we should go figure out a plan to make sure my best friend is still alive". Replied Ethan.
Garf office was like a bar set up. He had a pool table, nice comfortable wolf fur couch, a shelf full of alcohol. A section separated by a glass window with a huge round table in it and a case on the wall with guns in it. Garf sitting at his rich wood desk, with his smoke Volver placed on it, stands up and pours himself a glass of water.
"Ethan, I like you a lot. You’re a brave cat or shall I say…dog. Pun not intended. The point I’m trying to make is you can’t let this hinder our job. I told you to take a break from this". Said Garf. "You saw them for yourself. These new breeds are dangerous. If we can hold off for a few and see what they do next maybe, we can capture one and get information ".
Ethan looks at Garf and gets an idea.
"Great, I want to do missions with you and Freddie. At least so I can prove I’m capable of taking down the new breeds. Let me prove myself". Said Ethan.
Garf takes another sip of his water and puts down the glass.
"How about this. Go to your station and do a few yellow missions and then we can talk. Again, Yellow missions only. You got it?" Said Garf.
" How many?" Asked Ethan.
" if you can get a team together and successfully complete three within a month … I’ll let you in a red mission". Replied Garf.
Ethan walked over to Garf and shook his hand.
"I won’t let you down".
Ethan walks out of the office with his head held high.
Garf watches him as he leaves. He secretly doesn't want him to be successful. Ethan is only 15 and he fears his safety. Garfs phone then rings. Its Bridget.
He answers the phone quickly.
"Bridget?" He said.
"He has awakened " she replied.
Garf hangs up the phone and quickly rushes to the clinic room.

Meanwhile in Were-Cell. Freddie is locked up and hasn’t gotten his phone call.
"Hey, you with the bitch face, can I get my fucking phone call. I work for the humans you stupid were-police ". Said Freddie with hostility.
The were-police officer set at his desk ignoring him. He takes a bite of his doughnut, kicks his legs up on the desk and crosses them.
"Okay, I see what this is. Look I understand I had no right to punch your friend Mike Lewinsky in the face last night. But I went to the bar just to clear my head and that fat looking asshole said I was a mommas cagna. I’m sorry but I had to beat his ass.". Said Freddie. A lot of people know that Freddie’s mother is Italian. The guy he got in a fight with called him mommas bitch, because Freddie works for her.
The officer looked at Freddie and said.
" oh, did you say something? I’m pretty sure this is your 10th time in here. I’m used to this, keep going because I can listen all day". Said the officer.
"Woooooow, you really are a bitch you know that right?".
The officer takes a piece of the doughnut and throws it at Freddie’s cell.
Then during the action, a lady walks in with an all-white suit on, Alda Chester.
The officer quickly stands and salutes her.
"Oh miss, Chester. How are you?"
Alda is the C.E.O of the Somber tooth headquarters and two others. But mainly known as Freddie’s mom. She makes sure that the Alphas and Betas are keeping their pack stable. If not then she reports everything to Lamar, the Were-Mayor. She will occasionally report all misconduct from all leaders.
She walks over to Freddie’s cell.
" you don’t get it do you Freddie?" She asked.
" mother I swear I didn't start it this time. I was -".
She cuts him off.
" no excuses, I will report you to the were-mayor".
She said.
"Pshh". Replied Freddie as if he didn't believe her.
She looks at the were-police officer and orders him to release Freddie.
"Release him immediately ". She demanded. Freddie is now worried about what will happen next. He tries to signal the officer to hide the keys and keep him in the cell. But just a few minutes before Alda walked in with her pristine posture and all white suit on, Freddie was eager to get out.
The were-officer happily opens the cell and lets him out.
"Come with me". Demanded Alda to Freddie.
She walks outside and leads him to a big black truck. It had tented windows and it was limo sized. She stopped at the back-passenger door as the driver opened it up for her. She gets in and Freddie follows.
In the truck there was a table with leather seats all around it. Everything was white. It was very bright. She sits down while Freddie sits across from her.
"Have I told how much I love this interior? " asked Freddie very awkwardly.
Alda sits there with a straight face.
"Shut the fuck up". She said quickly
"Okay…". Replied Freddie.

"Why do you constantly make a fool of me? Is this some fun game you like to play? Oh, hey my last name is Chester. I work for my mom and she just so happen to bail me out of jail all the time".
Said Alda as she sarcastically tries to imitate Freddie's voice.
" Do I really sound like that?" Asked Freddie in a pitiful way.
"I need you to stop getting into these bad situations. The Mayor will make me strip away your privilege to serve. This looks bad not just on you but even worse on Garf and the entire Somber tooth Headquarters when you fuck up".
She explained.
"I do understand this, and I’ll make sure it doesn't happen again. But Garf can’t find out about this or he will not let this go".
Said Freddie.
"I’ll consider keeping this low key. Besides the two member. But if this happens again you’re done. Capisce?"
Freddie nods his head.
"Etiendo". He replied.
Alda takes a sip of her drink. Freddie looks at her like he wanted a sip too. She recognizes he does.
"Don’t even think about it. You’re a drunk just like your father". She said as she holds her hand up.
"What?" Replied Freddie in a serious tone.
"Oh, so now you want to get all inquieto with me".
She replied.
" I’m not uneasy, just don’t understand what my father has to do with this. I’m a drunk because I fucking want to be. Father never gave a shit about you, that’s why he disappeared on us. No wonder he was a drunk".
Replied Freddie.
Alda then snaps at Freddie for cursing at her.
She puts down the glass.
"non osare parlare con tua Madre in quel modo!!"
don’t you dare talk to your mother that way! She yelled in Italian.
" let me out". Said Freddie.
"I am honored". She taps the window behind her for the driver to open the door for Freddie.
The door opens. Freddie gets out and looks back at his mother. She looks very careless.
"Did father leave you for being such a Cagna? Or was it the pills you got overly obsessed with?"
She laughs at his remark but denies how it felt hearing it.
" shut the door ". She demanded the driver.
The driver then shuts the door and they drive away.
Freddie stands there watching the truck drive away.
"That went well". He said sarcastically.
He speed walks over to his all black Harley Davidson fat boy. He puts on his somber jacket, then helmet and rides away onto the road. To the headquarters he goes.

Back at headquarters Welldum is awake. Garf and Bridget are explaining to him what happened.
"I- the pain in my arm". Said Welldum in pain.
"We know… but you need to understand that your arm isn’t there. You are experiencing phantom pain."
Replied Bridget.
"No-nonono why is this happening to me?" Cried Welldum.
"We need to speak with your family, so we can let them know what happened". Said Garf.
"My family? My family is dead. I was just at their gravestones right before… before... they attacked me". He replied as a sharp pain hits him.
"I live with my girlfriend, Matilda June. She probably worried about me". Said Welldum.
"Ok. Good. Where does she stay?" Asked Garf.
" I’m not telling werewolves where my girl is. I don’t trust your kind." Replied Welldum.
Garf looks at Bridget. Bridget looks at Garf. They were sure he had no idea that he was infected.
"What is it?" Asked Welldum with discomfort. He wondered why Garf and Bridget went silent.
"Welldum you are infected. You are our kind now".
Said Garf.
Welldum stares into Garfs eyes. His eyes begin to get watery.
"Your lying." He said softly yet so angry that it saddens the atmosphere.

Welldum begins to panic. He pulls the covers off himself to only reveal the true horror. His left femur had been amputated.
He burst into a scream and cries.
"What did you do to me?!!" he scream
"The werewolves that attacked you, ate your leg. We had to stitch up what was left."
Welldum sobs even more. He looks at Bridget and Freddie, hoping they would say something like " this is all a dream". But this was very real.
"What … what am i going to do now? Matilda will never want to be with me like this". Garf starts to feel terrible about the situation. But Garf is more determined to figure out the new breed. So, he cuts to the point.
" listen kid, the only way we can help you is if you give us information. How old are you? What’s your name? Who are your friends? Because without any of that information we can’t help you." Said Garf
Welldum stares into his eyes.
"My name is Welldum Wright. I am only 17". He said.
Then something strange starts to happen. Welldum begins to remember a certain moment before he was attacked.
"Where is Whynhilda?". He asked
Bridget looked at Garf. Garf looked at Bridget. They were both confused.
"Wait is that like someone you know? " asked Bridget.
"No. The werewolf asked me where was Whynhilda Delacroix." He replied.
Then there it was. Garf put two and two together.
"Welldum we will be right back. Fiona keep an eye on him."
Welldum starts to sob again as Fiona walks over to calm him
Garf walks Bridget out into the hall and shuts the door.
" Before me and Freddie killed the two werewolves, the alpha told me about a power."
"A power?". Asked Bridget
"Yes, and he said it was something that created us all. But that something was a HER".
Explained Freddie.
" you mean to tell me those breeds were looking for a dead corps that created, the curse?"
Asked Bridget concerned.
"Yes, and it’s got to be this Whynhilda Delacroix. I need you to get in touch with his girlfriend and close family. Get him on file. He is now a cursed one which means all his documents must be reported to the human mayor. Ok?"
Bridget looks at Garf and smiles. She truly wishes he wouldn’t leave. In fact, she would love to leave Hillfar and live a normal life. But she can’t because he won’t leave.
"I’ll make sure Welldum is properly handled."
She replied.
"Ok baby. I’m going to go find Freddie and head to our Mayor. Call me if any emergencies occur". He kisses her on the lips and quickly leaves.
"Love you..." she said.
But it was too late. He was too far. She just wanted him to say I love you back.
Meanwhile in the layer, Ethan is searching for his first case. Since he is only 15, he has to team up with someone who is older and at a higher rank than him. There are over 70 light boards in the layer. Each which contain five bulbs. These light boards have two phones attached to them and is connected to satellites placed all over Hillfar.
Two Somber tooth members are stationed at each of these light boards to make sure they answer when trouble calls. Light board number 36 is controlled by team members Odem Glaze and Samantha Hart.
Odem has been a werewolf since 12. He joined the Somber tooth headquarters at the age 19 and has been at it for 8 years. Samantha, on the other hand has only been a member for three years. She is 21.
Ethan walks over to them to see if they had any cases available.
"Hi, I’m Ethan." He announced himself.
Odem ignored him but Samantha didn't.
"Don’t you have something to do?"
She asked.
Ethan took out a badge that reads, Rookie Somber Tooth. He shows it to her. He then pulls out his case history report, and hands it to her as well.
She grabs it then scans it. " you’ve done one Red mission with Alpha and Beta... that’s all?"
Ethan smiles as if that was an accomplishment. But to them, it was nothing.
" Garf wants me to tag along on a mission. I would like to tag along with you guys."
Odem looks at Ethan and hands him case number 1271.
" I believe your in-training mister Ethan. I understand last night you were put in a mission that turned out to be a failure. But you saved a boy’s life, which is highly valued."
Said Odem.
"Thank you". Replied Ethan.
"The case file in your hand is a yellow mission. Me and Samantha have been working on it for a week now. We have 5 altogether but this one is more important. Would you like to tag along on this case?"
Asked Odem.
Samantha grabs Odem quickly and pulls him aside.
"Are you crazy?" She asked.
"No, the rule is to Train as needed." He replied.
" I understand that but you can’t give him a case that’s closed. That’s fucked up. What about a missing child case? Why don’t we give him one of those. "
She said.
"No body knows where these missing children are or what happened. As far as I’m concerned this yellow case is unsolved because you blew it. In plus, we both know that Garf and him are close, so let’s get this training over with. Lets Make him hate this then hopefully... he’ll find someone else to bother."
She looks over at Ethan. He looks at her and smiles.
She smirks at him then looks back at Odem.
"Then you promise me after this we will dig in to missing person files?" Asked Samantha.
"Yes, I promise ". Replied Odem.
Samantha sighed then rolled her eyes.
"Fine, but let’s get rid of him quick without pissing off Garf". She said. They then walk back over to Ethen.

Ethan read the case out loud.
"Van Cope case. At Gran Elle hotel September 3rd, around 6:00pm in apartment 405, a man was found dead in his bed by the cleaning lady, Gloria. He was gutted with claw marks all over his body. No sign of fur or any trace of werewolf. A similar case was found three days later just 10 miles away."
Ethan stops reading and looks at Odem and Samantha.
" is this an Astro Shifter?" He asked
"We can’t say for sure. Astro Shifters can’t physically harm anyone, but for it to have been done with no signs of struggle, it isn’t a regular werewolf."
Replied Samantha.
"I want to take on this case with you guys. Can i see the crime scene?"
"You mean like now?" Replied Odem.
"Yes, i want to start from scratch".
They both looked at Welldum and then at each other.
"Ok, let’s go". Said Odem.
Samantha and Odem got up and put on their Somber tooth Jackets. Ethan already had his on.
They both grabbed their motorcycle keys. Ethan didn't have one because Garf hasn’t given him his badge yet. He would have to ride with either Odem or Samantha.
"So, are you just going stand there or are you going to get your keys?"
Asked Samantha.
" I don’t have the M badge yet". Replied Ethan.
"I can ride with you, right?".
Odem laughs.
" ha-ha. Kid I’m not sharing my bike with a young man". He said.
Then they both turned to Samantha.
"Fine, but keep that pecker to yourself, you got that?"
Samantha said.
Ethan smirked at her.
" You mean the thing down there that’s overly large, yeah, I’ll keep it to myself."
Replied Ethan being slick.

They hurried down the aisle toward a door that was labeled, "The Cold Garage". This is where they keep their motorcycles. It contains over 200 motorcycles. Each of them locked and chained to a specific stall.
" How in the hell can you guys find your motorcycle?"
Asked Ethan.
"This place is huge".
Samantha pulled out her key and pressed the alarm button on it.
"Section F, stall 13”. Said Samantha.
Odem walks over to section B, stall 5. It was an off-white Harley Davidson, beautiful it was.
"Alright guys will meet you at the exit". Said Odem. He puts the key in and starts the motorcycle". *vroom vroom* then he speeds down the garage to the exit. "This is what you will have to do once you’re able to ride ". Said Samantha to Ethan.
She then stops walking. "There he goes". She said while pointing at the motorcycle. It wasn’t a Harley. No, it was a sports bike. It was black with yellow striped designs around it and just like all the other motorcycles in here, it was branded with the Somber Tooth symbol.
" This thing must be extremely fast". Said Ethan in Amazement.
"Don’t get too attached young werewolf man. I need you to put this helmet on". She said while hoping onto the motorcycle as she handed him the helmet. He struggled until finally he managed to fit it on.
Samantha starts the motorcycle *Vroom* *Vroom*
"Ok get on Ethan". She demanded.
Ethen hops on.
Samantha waits for him to wrap his arm around her as leverage.
" Ethan its ok you hold on to me. I don’t want you to fall off."
She said.
"Oh, okay, I was just making sure you where ok with it."
Ethan replied. So, he holds on to her and off she goes with accelerating speed.
They meet up with Odem at the exit. The garage door exit was gigantic. It was made of steel.
On the right of the lane was a button that recognizes fingerprints. Odem puts his index finger on the button and it scans it. It beeps three times then within a second after the scan, the garage door opens.
The light from the sun starts to slip in as the view of trees appear. It was at this moment that Ethan then realized, the only way to the humans is down. They were on Hillfar mountain.
"Holy shit are we about to ride down this mountain?"
He asked shaking with terror.
Odem and Samantha knew what they were doing. They knew this would scare him considering its his first time going down the exit hill.
Ethan might not like this so-called training day.
They hit the gas and flew down the mountain. Ethan screams at top of his lungs.
"Hang on dude, it’s going to be long day".
Said Samantha.

Meanwhile, at the outside entrance of the headquarters. Garf and Freddie have met up to talk about their next move.
"Freddie, I apologize about last night. I could understand why you decided to stay out and mingle with a lady." Said Garf.
"But you answered none of my calls and you were late. Do you have any idea how important this mission is to us?"
Freddie takes his cigarette and lets it out on the rock he is sitting on.
"Look buddy, I just needed some time to myself. Cool, I was late and should of answered your 12 calls. Now, can we get on with it?"
Said Freddie.
"Alright, good. We need to head to the mayor."
Said Garf.
"Which one?"
Asked Freddie
"Our mayor, Lamar."
And so, it was. Garf and Freddie rode to Mayors Valley together. They must in all efforts explain to him that there is a dangerous pack out there and they want something from Hillfar.

(Chapter Three) Episode Two. Pt.1

"The address we once lived in"

Hillfar was larger than most towns, considering over 200,000 thousand people live in Hillfar. The humans that walk the streets feel safe because of werewolves like Freddie and Garf. Freddie and Garf sees over 50 missing human posters all over Hillfar as they ride around. They observe their surroundings, waving at the people that roam the streets. The coffee shop on Cliff Street has been there for 30 years now. It was that very place that Garf grew an attraction to, at a very younger age. Because his non-biological father would always take him there with him, Benjamin Jones. Garf has always, ironically been driven by the pain, caused by the disappearance of his parents. An old lady walks out of the coffee shop with a broom in her hand. She starts to sweep the fall leaves on the ground.
" look at Jenny, still working like a champ"
said Garf to himself.
Garf wants to park his bike and say something to her, but he can’t. A law was passed over five years ago by the human mayor, that all cursed ones will only speak to humans if they get a pass called, The Fang ID. Werewolves have only one type of identification. It tells the name, age, race, when they were cursed and most importantly where they work. Garf and Freddie work at a very dangerous job. They can’t just go home and visit humans like its normal. If a werewolf works at a headquarters, then they must get authorization from the human mayor to visit their family, unless it is for business. It is extremely difficult to not be able to say hello to the lady that took care of him. But Garf will get the permission no matter what.
Garf and Freddie are at a stoplight right next to the coffee shop and Garf reminisces the times he had there. But Freddie snaps him out of his day dreaming.
"Hey what the fuck dude. Your married! No stalking the old lady. "
Said Freddie.
"Shut up Freddie".
Replied Garf. The light turns green then they continue north to Mayors Valley.

The Mayors Valley starts at a two-way road split. Dirt floods the road while nothing but trees surround the path. To the left is “Were Mayors Valley”. To the right leads to another place called “Were - Men Cabins”. That means werewolves live there. Anything with the word "were" in it, means werewolves.
Garf and Freddie take the left road to the mayor.
It was a three-mile ride as they reach the gates. The humongous black gates open slowly for them. The house was big. It’s a fortress with tall with lots of security gadgets. Garf and Freddie ride slowly up to the Were Mayors door approaching two security guards at the entrance. The house was enormously eye catching. It was all white with large pillars at the doorway. The double doors were made of steel but painted white. The guards watched Garf and Freddie as they drove up. They park the motorcycles then take off their helmets. Garf gets off the bike then Freddie follows.
"State your name and purpose ".
Demanded the guard standing in front of the doorway. His name was X.
"I’m Garf, Alpha of the Somber tooth headquarters and this is Freddie, Beta."
Replied Garf as he and Freddie flash their badge.
"We are here to speak to the mayor, Lamar. It is very urgent that you let us in."
X then buzzes in and calls the mayor.
"MR. Lamar. Alpha and Beta of Somber tooth headquarters are here to speak to you. Shall I escort them?"
He asked. He looks at us and confirms, yes.
"Follow us". Said the guard as he turns facing the door.
Garf and Freddie then follows.

Meanwhile Bridget has met up with the human mayor, Danny Thompson. She has given him the information on Welldum.
"The kid is only 17 and we don’t have any information as to what type of werewolf bit him." Said Bridget to the mayor.
The mayor was sitting in a button black wing chair, at a brown, double pedestal executive desk, with his legs crossed. A flag for Hillfar was bolted on each side of the desk. The files for Welldum were in front of him, placed on his desk, with a gold pen to the right of it. His office was dim lighted with the walls made of wooden mosaic tiles. He had book shelves all over. The light shining through the large window behind him was beaming on the huge painting of himself on the wall.
"I will get the sheriffs to make sure his girl and close friends know he is no longer a human. This will indeed devastate them but I have no choice but to strip him from the human parts of Hillfar". Replied Danny.
"Well Mr. Mayor I was hoping I could do that for him myself and maybe bring Matilda to see him one last time". She reiterated.
" That’s against protocol Mrs. Bridget. I can’t allow you to do that". Said the mayor.
" if I can recall with your signed signature I can do it. Besides the kid wants to see her and he asked if I myself could bring her to him. This is his life here sir. Please let me do this".
The mayor thought about it for a few seconds.
"I’ll sign it. But you go straight to her and that’s it. When you find her, bring her straight to him? She gets two hours with and that’s it".
Said the Mayor.
"Okay. I won’t screw up". She replied.

"I know you won’t. The address to go to is Doffing Street, Inch Place apartment 0067". He then takes the pen and signs the file.
"By the way, make sure Garf and Freddie do what's necessary to stop this new breed. We don’t want my humans thinking the Hillfar Werewolves are causing any trouble". Said the Mayor.
"We are on it. Just know we need Welldum to feel safe, because he can provide us with new information on how these new breeds work". Replied Bridget.
"I understand. But when he turns 18 in 9 months, you know he will have to die, right?"
Said the human mayor.
Bridget looks at Danny with sort of an uncertainty.
" I understand. But for now, he remains alive. Thank you". Said Bridget.
Then she exits the office and heads to Doffing Street.
In the area where the humans walk amongst themselves, the roads are crowded with pedestrians. Families going in and out stores ignoring the stray dogs on the streets. Bridget just strolls down Hillfar roads watching the humans as they live the normal life.
Just two more miles up ahead is Doffing street.
She gets to the light on the corner and turns left.
Inch Place is the building she is looking for. She drives a little up the street and there to the right was a building, Inch Place.
"This is where Welldums girlfriend Matilda lives" said Bridget to herself.
She parks her bike on the curve and heads into the building. When she walks in, there is a lady at the front desk. She has on a black dress with a name tag on, Savannah Swann.
"Hello mam, welcome to Inch Place Apartments one of Hillfars finest. Are you hear to rent? Or are you just visiting?" Said the lady.
Bridget takes out her Somber Tooth badge and signed sheet then hands it to her.
"I’m actually here on business".
Said Bridget.
The lady looks at the ID and sees she’s actually a cursed one. She reads the signed sheet from the human mayor carefully.
" I’m sorry Mrs. Jones. I wasn’t aware that you were a werewolf. I see here your looking for a Matilda June?"
Asked the lady.
"Yes, in fact I am. It is an emergency".
The lady types on her computer, searching her information.
She stops typing.
" What’s the problem?" Asked Bridget concerned.
"Matilda was last checked out at 3 AM this morning. She hasn’t returned since".
Bridget hops across the desk and checks herself.
"That was 11 hours ago. Was she... was she alone?"
Aske Bridget.
" I think the two guys she was with said something about partying. But Matilda was way out of it. Looked like she was drunk, couldn't even stand up."
Bridget looked at the lady as if she was stupid.
"Mam, do you have any idea what you just said to me?" Asked Bridget in a serious tone.
The lady froze in her seat, unable to speak.
"I … said… she was drunk and.."
Bridget slams her fist on the desk with anger.
"She was taken you fucking idiot. I need video from all these cameras asap. Call the human police NOW!".
Bridget grabs the keys to room 0067 and hops across the table again. She then sprints down the hall and up the steps to the second floor. Room 0067 was the 15th door to the right. She puts the key in it and realizes it was the wrong one. So, she lifts her leg and kicks the door down. The door falls to the floor. she rushes in quickly. The site was clean. No sign of struggle nor alcohol or anything that would prove party, or fighting. Strange but obvious. These two men may just be a part of the new breed.

Back at Headquarters Welldum is sleeping and it is now 2:15 in the afternoon. Joanna walks into the clinic room to check up on him. She stands by him and feels his head to make sure he’s not too hot. Once she places the back of her hand on his forehead, he quickly wakes up and grabs her wrist.
"Ahhh!" She screams.
"Uh Oh I’m sorry I was just freaked out. Did I hurt you?"
Asked Welldum.
"No, your fine I shouldn't of -".
Welldum stops her in mid-sentence.
"You’ve been looking at me ever since I got here. Why is that?" He asked.
" umm… because...".
She stops because she’s afraid to say anything about his missing leg and arm.
"It’s ok Joanna. I look like a crippled, useless person now. I don’t even know where to begin this new me."
Joanna sits beside him and places her hand on his shoulder and softly rubs him.
" You can’t let this be your burden. Don’t get me wrong your life is not going to be the same but that’s why we are here, to help you through it. Garf, Freddie and Bridget have gone through this before. They've lost their home, but gained a new one. They lost friends and family, but gained also new ones. If your girlfriend loves you then she'll understand. Love is everywhere and I can guarantee you, someone will love the new you."
Said Joanna softly and emotionally.
"I just want to see her one last time".
Replied Welldum.
"I know and you will. Just trust us ok?"
She replied.
" I was so happy with her. It was our home together."
Said Welldum.
"Remember this. The address you once lived in, doesn't make you who you are or what you can be. Only you can do that."
Joanna then gets up and walks to the door. She looks at him, smiles, then leaves.
Welldum thanks about what she said. But the tears take over and he sobs even more.

In the meantime, Ethan, Samantha and Odem are reinvestigating the Van Cope Case. At the moment they all sit in apartment 405 at the Gran Elle Hotel. They are speaking to the cleaning lady that found Van Cope dead in his bed, Gloria.
"Oh god it was a horrible sight when I walked into this room. I’ve never seen so much blood before in my life."
Said Gloria.
"Umm, may I ask exactly what time did you last see him alive?"
Asked Odem.
"Well let’s see here. It was sometime in the early morning on a Sunday. Maybe around 10am. He was talking to a man in a suit by his car about a… about a church meeting. It went on for about 15 minutes and then the man left. After that I was cleaning room 400. I didn't see him after that".
Said Gloria.
"Ok, do you know what church they went to?"
Asked Odem
"No, like I said the last interview. I don’t believe in God or church, so I stay away from it."
Samantha was getting ready to ask her a question, but Ethan quickly spoke
"Do you recall what the man looked like?"
Asked Ethan.
"I mean he was tall and slim. I didn't really get a good visual of the guy."
Ethan doesn't believe her for some reason. How can someone hear a conversation about a church meeting and not know what the people look like that’s having the conversation? He asked himself.
Odem begins to open his mouth to say something, but Ethan again quickly jumps to speak.
"The case file states that you told the police that you were sleep during the hours, 4pm to 6pm. Is that correct?"
"Yes". She answered.
"Who was covering for you?" Asked Ethan.
She looked at him with less confident smile.
"No one. I manage this place alone. I was … slacking I suppose."
Said Gloria.
"Hmm, so only you could have a key to his door. During those hours unless someone stole them from you. But even that doesn't add up because there was no sign of struggle and the door was locked when you went to clean his room. Or maybe the killer werewolf put the key back just in time to make it seem like it was a supernatural cause."
Odem stands up quickly.
" Ethan step outside immediately !!"
Demanded Odem.
Ethan stands up and walks outside.
"I’m sorry Mrs. Gloria but could you excuse us for just one moment." Said Odem apologizing.
"Are you stupid?" Asked Odem to Ethan.
"Do you not see that this old lady is lying?"
Replied Ethan.
"No I don’t. She had nothing to do with the murder of Van Cope. Get it through your thick scull. This is not your case to take over, you hear me?"
Said Odem.
"Look at her eyes …"
Said Ethan.
"What?" Replied Odem confused.
"She has no pupil in her left eye."
Said Ethan.
"What is that supposed to mean? She’s fucking old."
Ethan realizes that Odem will not see what he sees.
So, he decides to let it go.
"Fine, I’ll keep my mouth shut."
Said Ethan.
"Good, thank you. Now let’s get back in there."
Ethan and Odem walk back into the room. Samantha and Gloria are laughing.
"Ha-ha, I can’t believe you let those chickens get away." Said Samantha to Gloria.
"Yeah I was done chasing those things. You know, with my back problems and all."
Replied Gloria while looking at Ethan in disgust.
"Ok Mrs. Gloria I’m sorry to end your little conversation but… we need to know the names of the people living in the hotel that night."
Said Odem.
"Look I already told you there was nobody here. It was just him." Replied Gloria.
Samantha then speaks.
" are you positive."
"Go check my records for that night. I’m 100 percent positive."
Ethan looks at Odem then Samantha as if he figured something out.
"Wait, what did you just say?" He asked to Gloria.
"I said go check the records for that night ".
She replied
" No, you said MY records. You’re not the manager of this place, are you?"
" umm the manager is never here. He owns so many hotels
He can barely get here. So yeah, I guess I’m the manager of this place. Since he put me in charge. "
She said.
"Where is he now". Asked Ethan.
Odem gets mad again and grabs Ethan.
"Samantha lets go. Mrs. Gloria we will talk later".

They leave the room quickly and head to the bikes.
"What is wrong with you, little shit head?"
Asked Odem with anger.
"I’m trying to solve this case. Are you?"
"Don’t even go there Ethan. You are interrogating a human. That is against the law. We got to go search for this werewolf somewhere else."
Replied Odem.
"The only way we would know for sure if she’s human, is if we catch her in her sleep. If she’s an astral shifter, then her mark will only appear when she’s in sleep state."
Said Ethan.
"What? I’m not spying on a human just to test your dumb ass theory."
Replied Odem.
Samantha then jumps in and pulls Odem to the side.
"Look, I’m not going to sit here and listen to you curse him out like you did me. This isn’t all about you at the moment. If he’s wrong then let him be wrong. Look on the bright side… if he fails then Garf may just push him aside and boom, our job is done."
She said.
"This is against the law Samantha."
Replied Odem.
" I know but let’s just do it."
Odem and Samantha walk over to Ethan.
"Ok look, we are going to test your little theory".
Said Odem.
"But on one condition. You be the spy and you take full blame if caught. You got me?" Asked Odem.
"Got it". Answered Ethan.
"Let’s book three hotel rooms across the street. We stay there for the rest of the day".
Said Odem.
"Why three? Can’t we just all be in one room?".
Asked Ethan.
"I need my privacy and I’m pretty sure Samantha’s not going to want to share a room with two guys."
Replied Odem.
"You got that right". Replied Samantha.
So, they went to book the rooms.

Concurrently at the Were-Mayors house, Garf and Freddie is speaking to Lamar. Lamar is concerned about the news he's received from them.
"This isn’t good at all. A new breed in Hillfar and no way of studying them. We need to get all packs to search for them and kill them all."
Said the Were- Mayor.
" all you have to do is say it and we will do anything to find them and stop them." Replied Garf.
"You and the human mayor must come together and agree on this. So, we can roam the streets whenever and make sure the people are safe."
Lamar takes in all that is said. He thinks even harder.
"Ok, but the boy must be studied now."
Demanded Lamar.
"Wait, are you saying kill him? Take his organs out? "
Asked Freddie.
" Yes, his blood should be fully blended by now. Take him to the lab."
Garf and Freddie look at each other. Then look at the mayor.
" sir by all due respect he’s still got 9 months before he turns. We could try to at least get him to learn his stages."
Said Garf.
"That’s not enough time. We need to know now or it'll be too late".
Said the mayor.
"In two months i want him dead. No exceptions. If he’s still alive, ill strip away your duties as Alpha and Beta. Trust me, there are many just dying to have your position."
Garf and Freddie aren’t very happy with having to kill young Welldum. But the mayor has made the decision that they must follow.
" okay fine. In two months, we will kill him".
Said Garf.
"Unless...we find another way, before the two months is up."
Freddie looked at Garf like he was insane.
"I don’t care what you do or how you do it. In two months i need answers. Leave my presence. I need time to speak to the Human Mayor."
Garf and Freddie leave the office with the face of defeat. They have so much to do, with so little time.

While heading to their motorcycles, Garf gets a call from Bridget. She is currently still at the apartment but the building is crawling with human police.
Garf answers the phone.
"Hey Bridget, how did everything go?"
Asked Garf.
"Matilda has been taken. I don’t know where or why but nothing makes any since."
Said Bridget in a confusion.
"Hold on baby, take your time. Who took her and when?"
" two male figures in hoodies and the cameras didn't get a good shot of them".
Said Bridget.
"What’s going on?"
Asked Freddie to Garf.
"Matilda was taken". Said Garf.
Freddie takes out a cigarette and lights it between his teeth. He inhales then exhales.
"Bridget, I need you to meet me and Freddie at my father’s house tonight. Handle your business and get to us as soon as you can. We will be waiting for you."
Said Garf. He then hangs up the phone. He looks at Freddie and Freddie looks at him.
"You thinking what I’m thinking?" Asked Freddie.
"Matilda was the main target. Welldum just happened to have had her scent on him. But she’s not this Whynhilda so why her?"
Said Garf to Freddie.
“We can’t tell Welldum about this. Not yet at least. The poor kill will go crazy. We got to keep his hopes up.
" Let’s go see professor Jones. He may know something." Said Garf intensely
Freddie threw the cigarette on the ground and smushed it with his boot.
"You haven’t talked to your father in 10 years. You sure you want to do this?"
Asked Freddie.
"…No. But it’s worth a try."
Replied Garf. So, they put on their helmets and off they went.

The day has been a day of unknowing so far. Radcliffe is missing and no one know if he is dead or Alive. Ethan’s training continues to surprise Odem and Samantha as he picks out clues so quickly. If he is right about the cleaning lady being the Van Cope killer, then this could be his big break. Welldum on the other hand has to except that he is no longer a human and must move on. Although his lovely girlfriend may be the key to him letting go, she was taken by 2 unknown males. Welldum could go insane if he finds this out. It’s up to Garf and Freddie to bring things to light.
Two hours later, it is now 5pm. Ethan, is waiting for Gloria to fall asleep.
Astral shifters uncontrollably fall asleep at least once every day to relax the energy they need. Ethan has checked on Gloria four times already and she’s still awake. They must wait and wait. Samantha and Odem are in their rooms resting, while Ethan is doing all the work. He sits there on the bed with the TV on trying not to rest. The raggedy room was cold and the curtains were old and worn out. The bathroom was dirty with mold in the bathtub. Ethan begins to remember his past life. The time when he was living in a vacant home with his mother. The poor cabin with no TV or food. All he ever remembers is Radcliffe. The day Radcliffe kissed him in the woods and brought him to the Somber tooth headquarters to live. That was his best friend and now he feels lonely again. He sits there wondering if Radcliffe is still alive. Is he being tortured, starved, tested with tubes attached all over him? Or is he just sleep? Ethan wants to save Radcliffe, because Radcliffe once saved him.

The night is young and Ethan’s theory is draining him. He looks at his watch. It 7:00pm. He goes across the street to Grand Elle Hotel to check on the cleaning lady once again. but this time she is not in her office. The receptionist at the front desk was an old man that was just hired.
"Hey umm, have you seen Gloria?"
Asked Ethan.
"Why yes I believe she’s cleaning rooms on floor three." He replied with a raspy voice.
"Thank you".
Said Ethan.
He walks up the steps all the way to floor three. At the end of the hall, was the cleaning lady. She is mopping the floor. She dips the mop into the bucket then looks at Ethan. Ethan looks at her. He has been sure all along that she is the Van Cope killer. If he is right, then Ethan is standing face to face with an Astral shifter.
"Are you spying on me again?"
Asked Gloria.
"I know you did it. Just confess it and maybe we can help you. I also know your boss isn’t alive because you killed him. If I may ask, where did you dump his body? Huh? "
Asked Ethan continuously trying to stir her up.
" why van cope? Wait I know why, because he went to church right? You said you didn't believe in God or Church. You said you don’t want to be around it. Van Cope just happened to be too religious for you. In fact, he also knew a little too much about you... right?"
The cleaning ladies face was red hot. Her eyes were dark green and the veins in her neck were inflamed. This is the start of astral shifting. Her body temperature is now at 250°F. The heat radars have signaled all the local area and the lights flicker.
"You shouldn't have come here alone. Why couldn't you just leave me be. Now I’m going to rip you apart!!"
Yelled Gloria with a voice of a beast.
Then suddenly she closed her eyes and the mark appeared on her forehead.
He was right all along. She is the Van Cope Killer.

Ethan looked down at the wet floor and the footprints of an invisible werewolf was standing there.
Ethan quickly ran down the steps. He heard the astral werewolf chasing after him. As Ethan ran out the glass door exit, the astral werewolf bust threw the door breaking it. Glass flew everywhere. Ethan was terrified. Samantha and Odem were heading his direction when they saw him running towards them.
"What is he running from?"
Asked Samantha to Odem.
"I have no idea".
Ethan jumps over a bush. The astral werewolf charges through it. Samantha and Odem see the bush crushed and then realizes what Ethan is running from.
Ethan dives into a backseat car window. The glass sliced his head, arms and his thighs. But with Ethan’s healing abilities. He immediately healed himself. The astral werewolf ran into the car denting it. It banged, scratched and tore out the inside trying to grab Ethan. Samantha ran into the room and got the mercury guns and gave Odem his gun.
"We got to save him now. I’ll go kill the host while you distract him away from Ethan." Said Samantha.
Pedestrians were fleeing the scene.
Samantha sprints across the street to the Grand Elle hotel to find Gloria. While Odem distracts the astral werewolf.
"Heeeeyy, God don’t like ugly". Yelled Odem to Gloria’s astral werewolf.
The astral werewolf stopped banging the car and ran after Odem. He couldn't see it but he heard it charging at him.
Samantha tracks the scent of Gloria up the steps. People were scared. Locking their doors and running out of the building. She draws her gun as she reaches the third floor. There she was standing
At the end of the hall. All Samantha has to do is shoot the lady in the head and it’s over. She slowly walks towards Gloria as she gets right up close to her, she aims at her head.
Radcliffe is in the clear but he is scared to leave the car. Samantha still hesitant to shoot the old lady. She says one last thing to her as
A tear falls down her left eye.
"I’m sorry grandma. I’m so so sorry but they cant know what i am. Your out of control grandma, please forgive but I have to do this".
*pow! * she blew her brains out. Gloria falls to the ground, dead. Samantha knew the whole time that she was an astral shifter and nobody knew it. This is the reason she blew this case the first time. Gloria was her blood and she will never tell a soul. The human police sirens were now here.

The astral werewolf was also gone. Odem found himself on top of a dumpster. He jumps down.
"Good job Samantha". Said Odem to himself.
The human police officers raid the grand hotel. They spot Samantha standing there with the gun in her hand and Gloria’s blown off head on the ground. She shows them her Somber tooth badge. They acknowledge it and let her leave.
Ethan gets out of the car and meets up with Samantha in the Grand Elle parking lot. Odem arrives there too.
"That was crazy". Said Odem.
"Ethan what happened to me saying we lead you follow? You almost got yourself killed."
"I knew she did it. So i had to see for myself ".
Replied Ethan.
"Well buddy, good job. I’m sorry I didn't believe you."
Ethan smiled. His first case solved on his own. Garf should be proud he thought to himself.
"Yeah, you make a great teammate".
Samantha added.
" Let’s give these cops the details and when we are done. Let’s go celebrate."
Said Odem excitedly.
Mission one accomplished.

Meanwhile Garf, Freddie and Bridget are in Professor Jones library. Professor Jones is specialized in Werewolf psychology, anatomy and history. He also teaches at Were University where he teaches cursed teens all the stages needed, to be successful for their first shift. Garf is his non- biological son.
"The three of you use to be so small back in the day. Now your all grown up. I never thought I’d see the day you three would be working for the werewolf military. What brings you here today?"
Said Professor Jones.
"Father we need to know if you have any information, books or old documents about a Whynhilda Delacroix? "
Professor jones body language changed from cheerful to disturbed.
He stood mute as he scrutinized the three of them with his eyes.
"I haven’t heard that name out loud my whole life. But I have seen it."
Garf, Freddie and Bridget were now intrigued.
"Where did you see her name and who is she?"
Asked Garf.
"I’ll show you. Follow me". He said instantaneously.
They all got up to follow him.
"I meant only Garf."
Said the professor. Freddie and Bridget sit back down in the chairs.
Garf follows Professor Jones into a room behind the shelves. They walk in and the book shelf closes behind them.
Freddie and Bridget sit alone just waiting.
Garf was inside a small room. It had lamps everywhere and old books and documents on the floor. But on a table was a wooden box, with a lock on it. Professor Jones grabs it quickly and unlocks it with a key connected to his glasses. Before he opened it, he grabbed Garf by the arm.
" listen to me and listen carefully son. I know our past hasn’t been so good."
"Father its ok-".
Said Garf interrupting his father.
"No son, i have to say my piece now before it’s too late".
Replied Professor Jones.
"What do you mean before it’s too late?"
Asked Garf perturbed.
"Son, when I found you 35 years ago lost. I knew I had to take you in as my own. You were so cold and scared. That cursed man was about to eat you alive. You were just five-year-old boy homeless and I couldn't allow anyone to hurt you. But look at you now. So, grown up, strong, smart, brave and courageous. I made you who you are and that my son will never change."
Said Professor Jones.
"But you were too hard on me father. The nonstop training. Obsessive reading every day, telling me to be the best at Werewolf High and Werewolf University. That’s why I left father."
Recalled Garf.
"I understand. But everything I taught you was worth it. Especially since, a war is near."
Replied Professor Jones.
"A What?"
Asked Garf puzzled.
The professor reaches into the box and pulls out a
picture. It was an old picture of a pale lady. She had on a coif, black waistcoat, an apron attached with a petticoat. It was signed, Delacroix.
"This is the lady their looking for? A dead woman? Where is her body? Father what else can you provide for me?"
Asked Garf.
"I found this picture the day I found you, son. That’s why I believe, it is up to you now to figure this out. You’re the alpha. Do what you do best and stop what’s yet to come."
Garf glances at the picture one more time. His eyes fixed on it. He puts the picture in his pocket.
"Thank you, father. I will stop what’s yet to come".
Said Ethan. Then he walks out the door and leaves along with Freddie and Bridget. Strange, a picture of Misses Delacroix and that’s all? Garf suggested one thing. That the government years ago must of hid her documents.
"Time to find these new breeds. I’m getting Radcliffe back."
Said Garf to Freddie and Bridget.
Freddie takes out a cigarette and lights it between his teeth. He inhales then exhales and says
"Uh oh, somebodies pissed".

(Chapter Four) Episode Three. Pt.1

“Torture in the Sanctuary”

While the Somber tooth team are going through a tough day. Radcliffe is going through a worse one. In a place far from Hillfar deep underground lies a sanctuary. A dark atmosphere with a blood red tint around the stone walls. The smelly odor of must and wet puddles on the ground from the water drips in the ceiling. Along the walls and in the halls, heat spreads as the candles light the way. Rusty old Pillars circle the sanctuaries church, where the alter holds the seat for the leader. The pale women in the chair has no shame in her nakedness as she sits there eating grapes. There were skulls beneath her feet. She has long red hair and her eyes are light blue. Her nails were long and painted black. She had golden pearls around her neck. The two males on each side of her were huge and muscular with bloody hands. They are her torturers and her pleasure givers.
On the ground below her feet was Radcliffe in chains. He was on his knees exhausted, soaking in blood and his left eye was gauged.
"What do you want from me?"
Radcliffe asked in pain.
“The seed of course. But the seed will have to wait for now.”
Replied Alda.
"I want you to suffer for screwing up my Children’s meal. They were minding their own until you and your friends decided to waltz right up on them and intrude. "
Said the lady.
" Don’t worry. That boy will be their downfall when the time comes. But for now, you’re my hostage and I need all the information I can get about your… town."
Radcliffe is at the point of giving up. He hasn’t told her anything but he doesn't know how long he can hold.
"I will not say a word"
He said.
She sighs.
"How long do i have to torture you, you fool? Zion and Leo, give him 50 more punches to the face."
She demanded.
Radcliffe lifts his head up and prepares for another session of torture. Round 10.
Zion grabs his head and holds it steady for Leo to punch him first, 25 times. He pulls his arm back and hits him in the left eye six times. Then he hits his nose 10 times breaking it as blood covers his face. He continues to his jaw and breaks all his teeth. At this point he could die from this. Radcliffe’s face is destroyed. But it wasn’t over, it was now Leo’s turn. But there was nothing left to hit but meat and skull.
"That’s enough". Said the Lady.
"Take him to my daughter. We can’t kill him...yet".
They both take him down a dark hall way to a rusty door. A young red hair, pale girl half naked with tattoos all over her body, opens it.
"Bring him to the table". She said.
"Yes, princess Delacroix."
Said Zion and Leo at the same time. They are obsessed with her. In fact, they love her. Once they placed Radcliffe on the table. They bowed to her.
"Leave now".
She demanded. Then they quickly rushed out. The room had a creepy atmosphere. There were chains and sharp tools everywhere. It had torture tables side by side with bloody stained sheet on them. The girl was stirring some type of powdery substance in a wooden bowl. It smelled like sulfur mixed with dry blood.

"Oh, my goodness. They vanished your face. I don’t even know where to begin." She said while touching his smashed eye.
"This is going to hurt. You can scream as loud as you want."
This isn’t her first time healing the tortured. Princess Delacroix makes sure the hostages don’t die before her mother Queen Delacroix gets answers from them.
"Ok here goes".
She grabs some kind of black powder with her hand and drizzles it all over his face.
He screams and screams as the powder burns his face.
She laughs at him knowing he will be ok.
"Shhh its ok. It’ll all be better in a few minutes."
She said while touching herself. Watching others scream in pain, turns her on. She is thinking about raping him at this very moment while he screams. She ties his hands up and his feet. She licks his chess with all the blood on his body. She then jumps on top of him, grabs his bloody penis and shoves it inside her. Little did she know, that Radcliffe had a certain gift. He could shift his size at any length. So, while she pounced hard on him and screamed with pleasure, Radcliffe shifted his size so large it ripped her vagina. She immediately stopped. She looked at him and his face was semi healed.
"Get the fuck off me".
He said.
She slowly takes him out of her.
And once he was completely out of her, blood poured from out onto him. She collapsed onto the floor in pain.
"Ah- god you are fucking crazy, were man".
She yelled while crawling to the powder.
She grabs the powder hesitant to pour some on her vagina. The pain will be unbearable. She drops it in her and the screaming began.
Radcliffe then begins to shift. He tightens his fist and closes his eyes. The symbol on his forehead glows bright orange. His skin splits revealing dark black hair while his upper and lower jaw breaks then elongates. His spine breaks as it reconstructs and stretches. His arms and legs grow large and thicker and there he was. Radcliffe was fully shifted into a werewolf.
He breaks out of the ropes, jumps off the table and busted out of the door.
"Raaaghhh". He roared. He shifted into stage three, which mean he has less control of what he does. He sprints down the hall and into the church where Queen Delacroix was. She wasn’t there anymore. He stands there looking around. He was lost and confused.
Then out of nowhere a werewolf walks in. Then another one and another one. There were three.
"I don’t think you understand how much trouble you’re in young man".
Said the Queen from afar.
" You think you can run away from me? How dare you hurt my daughter you fool. Get him".
One of the black werewolves then charges at Radcliffe. He gets into fighting stance. The werewolf jumps at him but Radcliffe quickly grabs a big rock from the ground and hits it in the face breaking its jaw. Then simultaneously the second one tackles Radcliffe and bites his shoulder. It pulls a chunk of meat off. They both slam against the stone wall with Radcliffe's back against it. Radcliffe punches the werewolf in the face again and again knocking it off balance. The other two werewolves attack him. They latch onto his neck and leg. "Raaaghhh" they roared as they fought each other. Radcliffe was one against three. He can’t possibly win this. The three werewolves then drag and yank him towards the alter. The queen is suddenly standing there watching while eating grapes. Radcliffe spots her then he does something incredibly insane. He pulls the werewolves head attached to his neck and yanks him from it. His neck was punctured with bite marks. He then puts his hand in the werewolves’ mouth and rips his tongue out. The werewolf retreats in pain. The other two are pulling him and dragging him across the ground by his legs, as he struggles to get away. Radcliffe looks to the right and spots a machete of some sort. It reminded him of his sword. So, he quickly grabs it and slices the werewolf to right arm off and then the one to the left. He hops on his feet and swings the machete through the neck of the werewolf to the right. Its head falls to the ground and the body of the werewolf collapsed as his body disintegrated. Only one left. They stood neck and neck. Slowly Pacing around and around, eyes locked on each other. They growl waiting on who will make the first move. Radcliffe is putting on a show for the queen. The werewolf sprints at Radcliffe with full speed. It growls at him loudly echoing throughout the sanctuary. Radcliffe with ease spins and swings the machete slicing his head off. Then he Spartan kicks him onto a pillar. The werewolf’s head fly’s right in front of the queen’s foot. She looks at the head and smiles.
Radcliffe with no control charges at her but before he could get close. Over a dozen werewolves appeared in front of her. Radcliffe stopped immediately.
" What’s wrong? Can’t take on more than three?"
Asked the queen.
"It’s your choice. Give me what I want or be punished for a very long time."
Radcliffe stands there thinking. He’s worn out, bleeding everywhere and he doesn't want to die. Radcliffe slowly shifts back into human form.
"I’ll do it". He said.
"What do you want to know, I’ll tell you anything you ask just please, let me go after".
The queen snaps her finger and two werewolves gets on all fours. She climbs on the back of one like a horse.
"Come Radcliffe, hop on one". Radcliffe walks over to her and slowly gets on the back of the other werewolf. She then leads him down a hallway followed by the other 10 werewolves.
"Now that you've decided to speak answers. I want to ask you why? Why did you hurt my daughter?"
Asked the queen.
"She tried to fuck me unwillingly".
Replied Radcliffe as he feels weak and exhausted.
"Yes, I see. But my daughter is a very special girl. She has a thing for the purest seed. Most men would enjoy her sexual behaviors. Just a thought but are you homosexual?"
Asked the queen with no hesitation.
They continue down this long hall that seemed to never end.
"Yes, I have a lover and his name is Ethan."
He replied with confidence.
"Oh, don’t worry. I don’t judge. Just didn't understand. But… I must get one more thing through your head before we move on."
She said.
"Where are you taking me".
Asked Radcliffe nervously.
"Young boy? Are you afraid now? I feel as if I’ve defused your strength of passion. You aren’t allowed to know what happens next. So, answer my questions only."
She said so demanding yet frisky and classy she was.
"Who are your leaders and where is there location? They have something of mine and i want it back."
Radcliffe puts his head down and starts to panic.
"No, no, no a can’t do this to my pack."
The queen stops immediately. Following the rest of the werewolves.
"Excuse me?" She asked
"His name was Ethan, right? The boy you love so much?"
She asked hinting to him that she will hurt him if he doesn't say anything.
"Fine, fine. They live in the caves of Hillfar and you want the boy Ethan managed to save. I understand, he’s an asset to them and you don’t want us to know how your pack works."
The queen then turns around with the werewolf and looks at Radcliffe.
Radcliffe tried not to stare at her nakedness.
"Thank you. Really I appreciate it." She said. Then a stone wall started to open up. Slowly it did.
"Get off the werewolf."
She demanded Radcliffe.
He gets off slowly.
"Walk into the cell, now".
She demanded.
He slowly walks into the cell and a werewolf follows him in. Then the queen walks in as well.
The stone wall starts to close.
"Don’t kill him Zion, I’m sure he’s a little.… tight". She said while laughing.
Radcliffe was about to be raped by a werewolf. This is his punishment for killing three werewolves and hurting her daughter. A huge torch was lit with an enormous flame. The light from the flame gave visual to what the cell looked like. It was a cage and surrounding the cage were blades so that no one could climb out.
“Princess come to me.” Said the Queen
“This is your revenge my child. He will suffer for his mistakes. Watch and embrace it.” Radcliffe stood in the center of the cage awaiting his punishment. If he tries to fight back, then he may very well die. Suddenly, two doors on each side of the cell room open. Then, walking into the cell were women. They all were also very pale but dressed in white silky robes. Hundreds of them walked in and started swarm around the cage. Radcliffe was now led to believe, that this was some sort of cult. These people were here to put on a show.
“My sisters, today we have come together to witness the torture of a Hillfarian werewolf. He and his pack interfered with my children’s meal last night and somehow managed to kill them. Alpha and Beta one is dead. They were one of my best teams, and they took them away from us.” Said the queen giving a long speech. The women and men cheered her on as she continued to speak. The cell sounded like a stadium and the queen was center stage.
“we witches have been hiding over 400 years and now it is time. I will not stop until my sister is revenged. I will make sure that town pays for what they did to Whynhilda no matter what it takes. When the annual day comes, we will strike Hillfar again, with full force. But for now, this were-man will be punished in the same way she was, brutally.” she then lifts her hands up in the air and the crowd silences.
“Zion…begin.” She demanded.
Zion quickly shifted into his werewolf form. He was gigantic. Radcliffe looked at the queen’s daughter knowing that this was her plan all along. To get him to hurt her. He knows she wants to see him tortured because it will turn her on even more. Zion approaches Radcliffe slowly. He taunts him with an erection. Zion then jumps in the air and lands right in front of Radcliffe. This causes Radcliffe to fall to the ground. The witches then chant his name.
“Zion, Zion mighty Zion!” Zion then grabs Radcliffe, flips him over and plunges his penis into Radcliffe.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh” Radcliffe screamed in pain. He cried and felt helpless as the witches cheered Zion on. Radcliffe let the werewolf rape him, because he had no choice. The queen was laughing while her daughter set there feeling her breast, enjoying the site of torture. Radcliffe was raped for 30 minutes and the werewolf was finished. Radcliffe threw up blood and was left there in the cage. The witches left following the queen and her sister. They locked him in the cell alone.
There he was, laying on the rocky ground. He couldn’t move a finger. The pain he is going threw is dreadful. Blood was leaking out of him from were the werewolf plunged him. He tries to push himself up off the ground.
“augh-please-just let. Me go” he said. But no one was around to hear him.
Then within a split second, a noise from behind the walls was heard.
“Stop it please stop it!!” it was the voice of a girl screaming for help. Who could it be asked Radcliffe to himself. Then the girl screams even louder and louder. Radcliffe could hear a bang from behind the walls. It was a lot of banging and male groaning. Then shortly after, the screaming stopped. Radcliffe tried listening for it to start again. But the sound of a girl was closer in the halls. Then the stone wall door slowly opened. Radcliff looked at the door and saw Zion standing there.
Oh, not again he said to himself. Zion smiled at Radcliffe.
“don’t worry little boy. I’m not here for round two.”
Said Zion while grabbing the arm of a girl and throwing her into the cell with Radcliffe.
“we figured you would need some company”. Said Zion.
The door then begins to shut slowly. The girl was naked on the ground crying. She was sweaty and dirty. Her hair was wild. Her knees were bruised and cut. Radcliffe knew she was the girl screaming and that they also raped her.
The girl curled up like a child on the floor and cried.
“why, why, why?” she cried.
“I just want my Welldum. I need to see my baby”. She cried again. It was Matilda June.
“who is Welldum?” asked Radcliffe. Matilda stays quit.

(Chapter Five) Episode 4

“Annual Day”

One month later, August 16th and the Somber tooth team has not encountered the new breed again. Welldum is now up and about. He is currently going through therapy with nurse Joanna. Garf, Freddie and Bridget have not told him the truth about Matilda being taken. They decided it was best to say she didn’t want to see him the way he was. They led him to believe that she left town. Welldum may seem sad and depressed about losing his girl and having this new life, but he is gaining a small bit of laughter from Joanna.
Ethan on the other hand is getting the feedback he deserves. He ended up solving two more cases within the month. The somber tooth headquarters have been talking about his one-day success on the Van Cope Case. No one in the history of the Somber team has ever solved a case in one day. Garf gave him his official M badge as a Somber tooth team member. He can now get his motorcycle. Even though he is only 15, the laws of this town does not apply to werewolf society. Ethan can now do red missions.
Garf decided to put Odem and Samantha on red missions as well, since Ethan works so good with them. Today is a very important day both human and werewolf mayor are hosting an event. The human mayors, “Hillfar Center event” and the Were-Mayors, “Were Village event.” These events must be heavily secured so that no one is hurt, or even worse, assassinated. Garf, Freddie and Bridget have concluded that maybe these new breeds will show up to one of these events. Garf decided to split everyone up into teams: Ethan, Odem, Samantha and Bridget will be security for the Were-Mayors, while Freddie and Garf are security for the human Mayor. They selected 50 members of the somber tooth headquarters, to be on the lookout. The human police will be there too, but they can’t handle this type of stuff like the Somber can.
Now, Garf has gathered the team together to go over the plan. Freddie, Odem, Samantha, Ethan and Bridget are right by his side. The six of them look like a strong, put together team. Garf has made them the main six to manage the new breed mission.
“Hello, my somber tooth team. I’ve chosen you fifty to come out today to be a part of something big” said Garf to the 50 members.
“as you all may know by now, we encountered a new breed a month ago and they are dangerous and even stronger than us. Today, our mayor as well as the human mayor will be hosting their annual events. My team leaders and I expect these breeds will show up today. Its just a hunch but a big one. We want to make sure the humans are safe as well as our Were-people, so we need to split up. Team A will go with Bridget’s team to Were-Village while team B, will come with me to keep an eye on the Hillfar Center. This is an annual day so do not get comfortable even for one second. Gear up guys, we’ve got a long day.”

The team leaders then split the 50 members, 25 to 25 and to their destination they go. They quickly pace Into the Cold Garage. The motorcycle engines turn on as each Sombertooth member packs their gear and grabs their jackets. Bridget’s team heads to the Were Village event

While Garf and Freddie take their team to the Hillfar Center Event. No one knows what will happen, but deep down inside Garf hopes for something. He needs a lead on where these breeds come from. So if he can somehow capture one, he can then get information.

Hillfar Center is now beginning to get crowded as the humans surround the mayors stage. Thousands of people awaiting the arrival of the human mayor. The sidewalks full of food carts , table with merchandise and rebellious groups selling "Band All Werewolves" T-Shirts. You can see Children that love the werewolves running around , with fake Somber Tooth jackets on. Some shirts even have Garf and Freddie’s face on them. It is now 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Garf and his team has now just arrived at the post. The people stop and look as the motorcycles ride up into the crowd. The people of course move out the way so they can maneuver to park. Garf leads the members behind the stage to park the bikes. Freddie signals to Garf that this spot is perfect.

"Hey Garf, this spot is perfect. Where is the Mayor?"

Asked Freddie.

"He should be here in a minute. Get everyone to their post. We need to surround the area."

Replied Garf.

Freddie then gets off his motorcycle following 20 other members. He then gathers them up.

"Alright listen up. I need you 20 to split up and spread out. I need you all evenly placed. Five spread out North, south, east and west of Hillfar Center. Keep your eyes open. If you spot something strange. Beep your location on the Somber Cell for backup. Now go!". Demanded Freddie.

They all then spread out into the crowds.

The other 5 stick with Garf and get on the stage to wait for the Mayor.

"Eyes and ears open" said Garf the other 5 members.

Five minutes go by and finally a black SUV along with 3 other SUV's drive up from a distance. The people begin to chant and scream as the Mayor approaches.
Meanwhile at the same time, Bridget and her team are already set as well. The Were-Mayor, Lamar has just arrived and the Were-people are chanting for him. The time is now 12:30 and both Mayors arrive to the stage heavily guarded.
The human mayor Danny steps to the podium and raises his hand and waves to the people. The chant his name and cheer him on as he smiles. The only ones not smiling is Garf and his team. To them, this is to serious and too dangerous to smile about.
Danny begins his speech as the people start to quiet down.
" Hello my Hillfarian people. It is an honor to be here today as well as see your beautiful smiles. This is our 50th year doing this and I think we all deserve a hand for that. Gives yourselves a hand ". Said Danny in excitement.
The people then clap and cheer.
Danny then continues
"Today I want to talk about something special. As you all may know by now, the separation between werewolves and humans has come a long way. The laws that we have set, have been amazing. All of you are safe from danger as well as protected by a force known as, The Somber Tooth!!".
The people then scream and chant for the Somber Tooth. The members that are spread out begin to smile.
"Alright, alright I know you all love them for what they do for us. But, I feel that maybe, just maybe its time to give to right….. to live within the human area.
As soon as the mayor said that. The crowd then began to get upset.

As much as they love the werewolves help, they still will not except them living with them. They cant imagine living next to one on the same street.

"Listen people, I understand that this has been the law for many years… but these were men deserve a better living. They deserve to be apart of this community. If we want to figure out where our children are going, we need the Sombertooth to do their jobs no matter the location. Lets give them freedom. "

Said the Mayor.

Garf glances at the mayor and giggles.

He knows it wont ever be possible for this to happen. The high council wont even give him a chance. Even though, it sounds amazing. *beep*

Then suddenly Garf cell phone beeps. Its a team members location. He must have spotted something.

Freddie gets the beep too. He looks at Garf for a signal to go. Then Garf nods for him to go to the location.

Freddie jumps off of the stage then quickly walks to the location.

He pushes his way through the crowd and ends up towards the back. There, to the right was a Somber Tooth member standing near a hotdog cart.

"Please tell me you didn't just beep me for no reason."

Said Freddie to the member. He had a long beard and was chubby.

His name is Solomon.

"These hotdogs are pretty fucking good. But.. no."

Replied Solomon.

He pushes the cart to reveal the entrance to a manhole underneath it.

"I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first but, I saw someone's hand just before the manhole cover closed. I’m not sure if its anything to worry-".

Just before Solomon could finish speaking, Freddie shuts him up.

"No… you made the right call. now are you sure someone is down there?"

Asked Freddie in a serious tone.

"Yes I’m positive". Solomon replied.

"Okay ". Freddie then opens the cover and looks down into the hole. It was dark and drenched. He then sniffs but couldn’t truly find one specific scent. Who knows how many creepy crawly things are down there.

"Okay, I smell something but I cant quite latch on to it. I need to get down there fast before whatever it was gets too far."

Said Freddie.

"What do you need me to do? Should i let the other members know?"

Asked Solomon.

"I don’t think we should startle anyone just yet. I need you to come with me. Just beep Garf that we are in the sewers."

Replied Freddie.

"But what if there's more then one ? We need backup right?"

Asked Solomon with concern.

"Just do what i say Solo."

Demanded Freddie as he drops down into the manhole.

Solomon acknowledged him then follows. He then closes the manhole as he climbs down the ladder instead.

Freddie lands in a puddle of dirty water. The sound of his landing echoed throughout the dark sewers. He then pulls out a flashlight along with a gun. Freddie pulls out his silencer and attaches it to the gun. Solomon landed right beside Freddie. He then sent Garf the beep location.

Garf, still on the stage guarding the Mayor receives the beep location.

He reads it and it says

"This is Solomon reporting. Freddie and i are in the Sewers. We spotted someone. Hashtag Rats every where." After Garf reads the message he thought to himself... "out of all 25 members, why the hell did Freddie choose crazy Solomon?"

Garf then sends a reply back to Solo

"Beep me if something goes wrong. Then ill make the call".

Solomon and Freddie receive his message and begin the search.

"Okay Solo, remember last time i did a mission with you and you fucked up, almost blew our cover?"

Asked Freddie.

"Look dude, i had to shit."

Solo replied.

"Don’t fuck up this time or your going to have to answer to this gun in my hand, capeesh? "

Solo looked at the gun with fear.

" i understand... i promise i will not fuck up. Ill just hold my shit cuz them hotdogs starting to talk to me".


Solo and Freddie’s head turned so fast it was like a dance routine, but not planned. It was so in synch.

"Did you hear that Freddie?"

Asked Solomon.

"Yeah, i heard it, its not that far. Lets go see what it is."

Freddie then begins to walk forward with his gun and flashlight pointing ahead.


The clinging sound again as they steady walk forward.

"Show yourself !"

Yelled Freddie. There is someone in the sewers with them and seems as if they are being lured into a trap.

It is now 1:00 in the afternoon.

The Human Mayor, Danny about to speak his final words.

Garf is happy nothing crazy has happened so far but wonders is Freddie and Solo are okay in the sewers.

"Now before i leave, i would like to say something to all of you." Garf looks at the Mayor. He thinks the Mayor is about to say something he may regret saying.

The Mayor stands in silence. He looks into the crowd and stares as if he sees a dead man. He tilts his head and begins to point at someone.

Garf is troubled by this as he looks the direction he pointed.

It was a Sombertooth Member smiling. But his eyes were blood shot red. But within that moment Garf could not prepare for what was about to happen. The Red eyed Sombertooth Member, pulled out his gun briskly and shot the mayor in the eye.

"Nooooooo!" Screamed Garf as the Mayor falls. Garf manages to catch him before he hits the ground.

Then the people start to panic and scatter everywhere. Garf fixates his eye on the guy that shot the mayor. He signals the five members on stage to take him while he chases him down.

The red eyed Sombertooth runs off.

Down in the sewers, Freddie and Solo hear the gunshot and panic.

"Oh god, something's not right".

Said Freddie.

"Holy shit please tell me that wasn’t a gun shot"

Said Solomon scared.

Garf then calls Freddie.

Freddie answers quickly.

"What’s going on Garf"

Asked Freddie.

Garf still chasing the red eyed member as well as dodging through the scared people. Yet, Somehow manages to relate the info to Freddie

"One of our members just fucking turned on us!! He shot the fucking mayor".

Said Garf angry and confused.

"Wait, what? It doesn't make any…. ".

Freddie then stop talking to Garf.

He slowly takes the phone away from his ear.

"What did he say. Freddie?"

Asked Solomon.. but his voice was a little deeper this time.

"Please Tell me… you aren’t apart of this ?"

Asked Freddie.

Solomon starts to shift into something. His eyes turn red like the member that shot the mayor.

"I was starting to like you Freddie. But now I Leo and my friend Zion are going to kill you".

Freddie puts his phone in his pocket and runs as Leo gets bigger and bigger until finally he becomes the new breed.

He then hears another one from a distance charging his way. Its Zion.

Freddie was set up. This was all just a decoy.

Garf realizes that Freddie hung up on him and that he must be in trouble. But he has to believe that he can handle it on his own. Therefore, Garf continues to chase after the red eyed member.

"Move out of the way!"

Yelled Garf while maneuvering himself around people and jumping over tables and knocked down carts.

The member he is chasing is fast. He grabs a innocent lady then stops with a gun pointed at her head. He faces Garf.

Garf then stops immediately.

"Ill kill her right here, right now. Put your gun down now!"

Garf slowly puts his gun on the ground.

"Okay, okay… but please... just let the lady go. Alright? I don’t know what’s gotten into you. But this isn’t you sir. Your one of us." The red eyed member smiled at Garf and sniffed the ladies hair.

"The day has come Alpha man. Prepare for all peace to end. Prepare for the mother to rise again. For this… this isn’t the way things were meant to be".

Said the red eyed Sombertooth member.

Garf was confused. He didn't know what to do.

But he could hear him pressing the trigger, getting ready to shoot the lady in the head. But suddenly out of nowhere.

A rock hits his gun knocking it out of his hand. The lady then scrambles free.

There behind Garf was Ethan holding a slingshot. With him was Odem and Samantha.

"Bout time yall showed up".

Said Garf.

"We were ambushed… they got Bridget Garf".

Said Samantha.

Garf swallows his emotions. He tries not to think negative so he holds it in.

"I can handle him from this point on. Go help Freddie, he’s in the sewers."

The three of them head to the sewers to find Freddie while Garf quickly engages back to the red eyed member. He has turned into the new breed.

"What? Your one of them?".

Said Garf.

Garf then quickly shifts into stage 2. They are about to fight one on one.

"What are you?"

Asked Garf.

"We are Dark bite." He replied.

The Darkbite breed then charged at Garf then swung at him.

Garf dodge and swung back clawing the Darkbites arm.

Blood pours from the slice. The Darkbite then spin kicks Garf in the abdomen, pushing him back 5 feet.

Garf gains his balance just before the Darkbite can kick him again. Garf grabs his leg as he blocks the kick and swings the Darkbites to the ground. Garf then grapples him and puts him in a headlock. The Darkbite fights to get out but Garf is over powering him. Then the Darkbite manages to swivel his way through. Garf steps back waiting for the Darkbite to attack. But suddenly a howl of a wolf so loud covered the entire town. The Darkbite then quickly runs off into the trees, as if it was called upon. The howl was coming from the Were Social. Garf looked that direction and could see smoke rising into the sky.


Meanwhile Ethan, Odem and Samantha have arrived in the sewers fully shifted into their stage 2 Werewolf form. They hear Freddie from a distance being slammed and tossed around. So they rush to catch up to him. They enter the section where the sewers intersect. There in the center of it all was the two new breeds beating up Freddie. Ethen quickly charges at the gigantic werewolf and bites his neck while Odem jumps into the air and kicks the other one in the head. Samantha takes her gun and starts shooting them. All at once Freddie, Odem, Ethan and Samantha are fighting with all they have. Four against two. Zion slaps Ethan throwing him against the wall and Leo claws Odem’s face. Samantha takes cover behind a wall to reload. She then reveals herself again to aim at Zions head. She focuses then fires. The mercury bullet had an explosive attachment. It hit him right in the head. Then suddenly... it exploded. Half of Zion’s head was destroyed. Leo picked up a pipe and threw it at Samantha, knocking her to the ground. Then suddenly another howl was heard.

"We will meet again!"

Said the unknown werewolves.

Then just like the others Zion and Leo run off as if they were called upon.

The day couldn't get any worse. The human Mayor was shot and could be dead at this very moment. The people have fled from Hillfar Center and the Sombertooth members have quickly gone back to the headquarters to make sure there wasn’t a breach.
The Were Mayor on the other hand is dead.In fact the Were people that attended the event are all dead and burned. Including the 25 Sombertooth members. Garf is not aware of this but will soon come to find out that Bridget is now being held captive.

( Chapter Six ) Episode 5.

A sight we wont forget

Queen Delacroix was two steps ahead of Garf. A decoy within a decoy. Its as if she knew Garfs every move. The plan was to invade the Were Village and capture Garfs wife, Bridget. Queen Delacroix knows that Garf will come for her, but to only be put to a test that will change his life forever.

Freddie, Ethan, Odem and Samantha meet up with Garf at the post.

"What happened at the Were Social? Why is it on fire?"

Asked Garf to Ethan."

"We were ambushed. That’s why we came here Garf. but we couldn't explain anything with all the shit that was going on when we arrived".

Garf quickly starts up his engine.

" Some witchcraft Lady is there waiting for you. She’s knows your coming Garf and she only wants you there. She’s captured the children and they will die if you don’t go alone."

Said Samantha.

Garf looks at Freddie with a discomfort.

"Freddie, take them back to headquarters."

Freddie looks at Garf as if he was insane.

"I’m not letting you go there alone, are you crazy?"

Replied Freddie.

"She has my wife!! And innocent children in her possession.

Do as i say Freddie. Please!"

Garf then speeds off and heads to the Were Village.

Freddie disobeys his order and decides to trail behind him.

"The rest of you go to Headquarters now. Ill catch up."

Demanded Freddie.

They then head to Headquarters as Demanded.

Garf arrives at the dirt road within the trees. He comes upon the smell of burning bodies. He then sees a few bodies on the dirt road as he rides. He becomes more angry and his eyes begin to water. The closer he gets to the Village entrance the more bodies appear. There is Blood everywhere

And ashes floating onto his face.

He arrives into the village and the sight he sees is one he will never forget.

Standing in the center of the Village was a woman. Behind her was a hill made out of burnt bodies. She stood there in a red robe with her red hair flowing with the wind. It was Queen Delacroix.

Garf gets off his motorcycle and slowly walks towards her.

"I finally get to meet the man, the myth and the Alpha."

Said the queen.

"Where is my wife? Whatever you want and need I can help you get it but.. this isn’t the way".

Replied Garf pleading.

"You smell just like young Radcliffe. But you seem more weak. Tell me puny Alpha, do you believe in Fate?"

Asked The queen.

"What Fate?" Replied Garf

"The one that makes you who you are. I want you to choose your fate."

She replied.

She then lifts her hand and two huge men come out with two little girls blindfolded. They stand on each side of her with the two little girls and place a sharp blade on their necks.

"No,no,no please don’t kill them. What is it you want, ill do whatever it is you want. Is it Whynhilda ? If so, just tell me what I can do to help find her corpse.. just… let them go!".

Cried Garf, begging.

"Do you remember the Alpha you killed not too long ago? I’m sure you do. He was my best Darkbite."

Replied the Queen.

"They were trying to kill an innocent boy. I had to do it."

Said Garf.

"I have to revenge him. Its up to you to decide who gets to live or die".

She then lifts her hand again and another huge man comes out of the trees with two naked females on his shoulders.

He drops them both on the dirt in front of the Queen. He sits them up revealing the faces of them.

Both were the same and perfectly Identical.

It was Bridget. Two of them.

"What… what is this!"

Yelled Garf.

"Which one is your Bridget Garf? The one you pick is the one that gets to live. The rules are simple. If you don’t choose within 4 minutes... a child dies. Then we will start over and hopefully the process doesn't repeat itself. So I advise you to pick".

Said the queen.

"Please… please don’t do this to me. Why ? Why are you doing this?"

Garf begins to sob and weep and the emotions start to take over.

"Two minutes Alpha boy".

Said the queen.

"I cant kill my own wife. How can i know?!"

Replied Garf screaming for mercy.

"You don’t have a choice! Do you want to see this little girls head taken off? One minute left."

Garf then looks at the clone Bridget’s. He then says to both of them not which one is the real one and says

"I’m sorry baby".

He then quickly points to one on the right.

The queen then smiles.

"Is that your wife Garf? "

Garf swallows his spit and says

"That is my wife"

The other clone then puts her head down and screams as the tape covers her mouth. The queen then grabs the one that Garf picked and pulls off the tape on her mouth.

"I was right.. that’s my Bridget right?"

Asked Garf in uncertainty.

"You lose".

Said the clone Bridget. Garf chose wrong.

"No… no.. no I’m sorry baby I didn't know. I didn't know please forgive me."

Cried Garf reaching for her while the huge man grabs her and ties her up to a tree trunk. He then picks up a long sharp blade and places it below her belly button.

The queen walls over to her and rips the tape off her mouth.

Bridget then screams.

"Its okay baby. I love you and i forgive you. Its not your fault!"

Garf falls to his knees and says

"Close your eyes baby. I love you too… I love you so much."

Bridget closes her eyes and at this very moment her and Garf

Excepted defeat.

The queen signal the man to start and that he did.

He stabbed Bridget in the abdomen. She screamed.

Then he sliced her breast a dozen times.


Garf screams in agony for his wife as he watches her get tortured and killed.

The blood flies everywhere, even onto his face.

The man now chops her head off and throws it at Garf.

It lands into his hands.

Bridget is dead.

"The children get to live. All because you made the right choice. Now listen to me carefully Alpha man. You are no longer in charge. You are my bitch now. I want you and your team to go to the High Empire Of Hillfar. Get me the documents of Whynhildas whereabouts. I, a witch can not enter the empire because of my blood. But you can. But if you refuse to do so…. These children will die and ill make sure they die like your wife did."

Said the queen.

"By the way, how is the one legged boy doing these days? Is he happy?" Asked The Queen, referring to Welldum.

Garf looks at her with anger while still holding the head of Bridget.

"I wont bother him. But if you think for once he can help you, your wrong. My child will turn and he will feast no Matter what you do. But when it happens, don’t you dare think to kill him. Or all the children die. You’ve got 90 days."

Queen Delacroix then gathers the children and vanished in thin air along with her Darkbite man. Their were hundreds of them in the trees, holding a child. Yet Garf didn't notice.

Freddie then pulls up and witnesses the tragedy.

"Garf? Hey buddy you okay?"

Asked Freddie as he walks to him.

Freddie then sees the head of Bridget in the hands of Garf.

"Holy shit… … they didn't."

Said Freddie in shock.

"They made me choose. Its my fault she’s gone."

Garf takes Bridget’s head and kisses her lips.

"Hand me your lighter Freddie ".

Freddie looks into Garfs eyes knowing what he is about to do.

He reaches into his pocket and hands him the lighter.

"I have to do this".

Garf walks over to Bridget’s bloody deceased body then places her head beside it. He then with Freddie’s help covers her with leaves.

"I will make this up to you baby. This isn’t over".

Said Garf praying over her body.

He lights the flames and sets the leaves on fire.

"May her soul rise ".

Said Freddie while lighting his cigarette.

The sadness was overwhelming. The entire Village was slaughtered by a witch and her Darkbites. A witch that believes she is now the Alpha of all Alphas.

"We need to visit the High Empire. Its time we get some answers ".

Said Garf.

Freddie exhales the smoke.

"They isn’t gone give us any information unless we take it."

Replied Freddie.

"We have to or more and more people will die".

Said Garf with a tear in his eye as he watches Bridget’s body burn.

"Did you plant the tracker on that Red eyed member?"

Asked Freddie.

Garf looked at Freddie and said.

"Yes i did. But we have to plan our attack. It will take some time but it has to be before 90 days. Or children die."

Replied Garf.

"Shit…well lets get to work. So what if these breeds can shape shift into one of us and disappear in thin air we can take them. Lets do it for Bridget. Lets do it for the ones that have no control of being marked. Lets stop this bitch." Said Freddie as he places his hand on Freddie’s shoulder.

"I need three days. After that, we head to the Empire."

Said Garf.

Meanwhile back at Headquarters, Ethan, Samantha and Odem are gathered together in the meeting room. Welldum is there too along with Joanna

"Is the human Mayor dead."

Asked Welldum.

"For the 5th time we don’t know for sure. We were all fucking blindsided. If it makes you feel any better, everyone in Were Village is dead."

Said Samantha with frustration.

"Look there is no need to get aggravated right now. Bridget, Garf and Freddie are still out there so just shut up and wait for them to arrive."

Demanded Ethan.

"Oh great so now your in charge. You know better then I do that something bad has happened. Did You see what that woman did to our people. She set them on fire with her bare hands."

Said Odem fearfully.

"Yeah. I did. But its nothing compared to what Garf will do to her. He’s the Alpha. So everyone shut it."

Said Ethan.

(Chapter Seven)episode 6

the Empire (meeting)Prt1

One day later.
The news has been everywhere about the tragic deaths. Both of the Mayors are dead and now 2 new mayors have stepped up. The Were Village was slaughtered along with Bridget. The witch destroyed Garfs love in front of him. The were Village was now a ghost village, lingering with the smell of death and the site of dead bodies. Garf and Freddie has assembled a team of Sombertooth to bury the bodies. The humans of Hillfar became outraged, confused and terrified. The people need answers because now the truth about the new breed and a witch has been revealed.
Samantha, Odem, Ethan, Freddie, Garf, Welldum, Joanna and the CEO Alda are gathered together at Aldas house. They are seated at the meeting table, trying to figure out the next move to make.
"This is far more then i thought it would be. But you all failed, simple as that."
Said Alda.
"We were ambushed! how could we have known?"
Said Odem in an outburst.
"Apparently you guys did know.. right Garf? You guys did have a hunch that something bad could happen, right?"
Asked Alda.
Garf just set there with a discomfort look on his face. He looked as if he was dead inside, thinking about Bridget and how she died.
Garf looks at Alda and then stands up.
"Yes … yes we did. But we were tricked and out smarted. So listen to me and listen to me carefully. The witch have our children in possession, hundreds of them. If we do not take this moment to plan for the future… there will be no time. So, Alda how and when should we approach the Empire."
Said Garf passionately.
Alda looks at Garf and takes a sip of her water.
" I appreciate your speech. But in order to get the empire to talk… is through me and me only. But I must bring a payment at the gate."
Said Alda.
" A payment? What do you mean."
Asked Freddie
"IDK.. its unknown. "
Said Alda
"Your not going then."
Said Freddie.
"Just because I’m your mother doesn't make you decide my choice. Besides, the Empire will not fold for anyone… this is the only way."
Replied Alda
"Your not going unless you know what you need mom. "
Replied Freddie in anger.
"Then let the children die then. You came to me for help, here I am. Its on you if you cant except the truth. "
Said Alda.
"She’s right. I mean if this is the only way to help then we must not pass this opportunity". Replied Samantha.
Garf and Freddie set in silence. They had no choice but to agree to let Alda give herself away to the empire.
" Fine, if your okay with this Alda then ill except it. But today we must plan everything. I will give each person in this room a job to accomplish and that person must follow them. From here on out Ethan … you are now Gamma. Odem you are now Delta and Samantha you are now Epsilon."
Said Garf.
"What about me ? "
Asked Welldum.
Everyone looked at Welldum. He now had a medal leg attached to him and a medal arm as well.
"I’m sending you to my fathers so he can train you before… you turn."
Said Garf.
"Am i dangerous or something?"
Asked Welldum.
"I mean for goodness sakes I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with me".
"Look this isn’t up for debate. You are going to be watched. So don’t make this as hard as it already is buddy."
Replied Garf with anger.
"Oh I see what this is. Because this is all my fault right? Oh so I’m the reason Radcliffe is gone and your wife was killed too. Awesome why don’t you just kill me then?"
Said Welldum in frustration.
Garf slams his fist on the table, stands up and kicks his chair to the floor.
"Don’t you fucking dare say a word about my wife! We have risked it all for you. So yes it is your fault and the only reason I haven't chopped your fucking head off is because of the hundreds of children waiting for us to come save them!"
Yelled Garf.
His eyes then begin to tear up. He takes a deep breath and begins to calm himself down. Garf then slowly begins to speak softly.
"Bridget didn't have to die like that. The people in were village didn't deserve to be slaughtered. And you didn't deserve to have your life stripped away. So we saved you. But unfortunately you have something in you now that can potentially destroy us all. Something evil and that witch wants it to break out. So, I’m asking you now… please cooperate with me, can you do that? "
Asked Garf so subtle.
Everyone set in silence listening to everything that just happened.
"Yes. I’m sorry. Ill do my part."
Fiona looks at him and smiles.
"May I go with him?"
Asked Joanna
"I think it would be fair if he had me there since I’ve been by his side through all of this. "
Garf nods his head up and down.
" That’s a good idea, Welldum will that be okay with you?"
Asked Garf.
"Whatever works." Replied Welldum.
Garf knew Welldum was upset and didn't truly want to cooperate with him. But Welldum had no choice, he is by all means in the center of it all.
"Okay, now that we’ve established what everybody's role is, lets establish the plan."
Said Alda.
"After we get the information we need from the empire, What’s next?"
Asked Alda.
"We wait until the witch comes to receive the information."
Said Freddie.
"I managed to plant a tracker into a Darkbites tissue during the annual attack. I got close enough to puncture the needle track into his arm."
Replied Garf.
"So, you know their location?"
Asked Ethan quickly. Ethan was thinking why wouldn’t Garf tell them this a week ago?
Garf pulled out his phone and showed the team where tracker was located.
" wait, is that where the old sanctuary was hundreds of years ago?"
Asked Samantha?
"Yes, but its completely buried under ground.
This is where they've been hiding for those long years."
Said Garf.
"But we cannot go there until the time is right. If she doesn't let the children go… we invade the sanctuary and take our people back."
"I hear you Garf but I’m not understanding... like why are we giving her what she wants? She could unleash something even worse then her."
Said Freddie.
"We lose either way. The outcome is still negative for us".
"So what’s the other option Freddie?"
Asked Garf
"We invade the sanctuary and save who we can…. And kill the witch. Learning how to kill that bitch should be our mission when Alda goes to the Empire. She should get the info on how to kill the witch. "
Said Freddie, emphasizing his logic.
"What if we pick and choose our losses?"
Asked Freddie.
"What do you mean?"
Asked Ethan.
"We could bargain with the Queen witch. Give us half of our people and kill the rest… and if she doesn't then we don’t give her what she wants. Obviously she needs the ashes of Whynhilda, and she needs us to find it for her so why would she pass this up



Werewolves Of Hillfar