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I'm not troubled.


I'm not troubled.

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19 Febbraio 2020
invisible tears are the hardest to see...
This is a story of a young beautiful girl named Megan in her life she was known to the world as a troubled child that made her so mad because she wasn’t she just faced a hell of a lot in her life this story will end you in tears to realize some people are born into a hard life and not to judge everyone by the way they look or the way they dress or smell or talk it’s crazy but everyone has a story to be told some people have not so bad of story’s but some people have bad ones. You shouldn’t ever judge anyone this story will tell you not to be so fast to judge anyone. Nobody is perfect not even you.

The story begins

Her name is Megan she’s only seventeen she had been in and out of foster care no foster parents would keep her they always told the agents that she was too much trouble that broke her heart all she ever wanted was somebody to love her and tell her that but nobody did they always made her feel worthless and a shamed.

The reason she is put through care was because her mother was a drunk and her father abused her since she was 4 years old. She was left with scars on her left upper thigh and scars on her lower back and cigarette burns on her left shoulder.
Her mother use to watch her father abuse her and wouldn’t try stop it she was to scared of him .Megan use to lock herself into her room when she came back from school .but she couldn’t do that no more as her mother announced that she was 7 months pregnant. Megan was scared for that baby she knew her father would do the same what he did to her to the baby megan was terrified her heart was pounding in her chest her breathing was getting heavier as she took each breath she could feel her heart pounding threw her palm as she tighten her fist she could feel the sweat building up in her palm and sweat dripping out the middle of her fingers she ran to her room confused scared what will happen with that baby even if it makes it out of her mother’s womb she was

A new baby

thinking that she will have to protect that baby cause her mother is just as bad as her father she ran into her bedroom straight to the bathroom what was attached to her bedroom she shut her bathroom door closed locked it with the latch she stumbled to the sink lifted both hands up and gripped the front of the sink stared at herself in the mirror there was so much thoughts running through Megan’s head so many things Megan began to cry while she still was staring at herself in the mirror the tears slowly poured out the corner on her eyes slowly raced down her both cheeks she could feel the tears soaking the skin by her chin the tears kept coming and the build-up of tears that ran down her both cheeks she could feel the tears slowly drop for her face onto her hand while she still was looking in the mirror her eyes were starting to turn red her nose was starting to water and also started to run. she tightened her hands to the sink all of a sudden someone was knocking on the bathroom door she let go of the sink immediately started wiping her eyes and wiping her nose she reached for the tissue from the top of the toilet and wiping all her face and threw in down the toilet and flushed it then she opened the bathroom door to find her dad standing there staring at her she just looked he said love have you been crying she nodded her head then he just smiled at her she was looking surprised my dad has never been nice why is he being nice to me he lead over and laid his hand on her shoulder her stomach was turning and her heart was racing in her chest she thought she was going to have a heart attack she just lifted her head up and looked at him

You will always be my favourite

then he said love don’t be upset no need to be come over here and sit on your bed I’ve something to tell you a secret he pulled her by the arm and pushed her down on the bed he sat next to her and whispered to her do you want to know my secret she nodded her head yes scared and confused at the same time he then moved slowly towards her right ear and whispered Megan no matter what love that baby on the way will never take your place you will always be my favourite Megan.



I'm not troubled.